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David Ashforth at the Derby Awards 6.12.10
David Ashforth:
Twice voted journalist of the year
PICTURE: Dan Abraham
Racing Post Saturday August 17th 2013. p17

BHA response to Hughes ban does not bode well for Dwyer

Pic Martin Dwyer: BHA is unlikely to apply it's own judgement on his ride in India if the case goes before its disciplinary panel.

"WHAT I've been musing about is whether or not Martin Dwyer will be required to serve the eight month ban imposed by the Royal Western India Turf Club, so I'm afraid there won't be many jokes. On the other hand, there won't be any tips either. Every cloud has a silver lining. Does it?


This is a key massive area, left ignored for a very long time.
see below Tuesday August 20th 2013

"Dwyer was deemed (accused and sentenced unjustly) to have failed to ride Ice Age on her merits (2 month punishment ban) when the 6-4 favourite finished a close third at Mahalaxmi racecourse in Mumbai on February 17.  ( a two month ban, since uped to an
unjust fraudulent 8 month punishment ban) You can watch a replay of the race, won by Prize Fighter, by visiting  Since February 17th to date, over these last 6 months Martin Dwyer has been subjected to horrendous libel and slander banded about as set out in the ban punishments by the British Horseracing Authority and the Royal Western India Turf Club, also involving likely automatic reciprical bans from other horseracing countries.

CH4 Morning Line on Saturday showed this race live to viewers. As well as CH4 Tom Lee's value as a language interpreter moved mountains this day.


Dwyer could not ride Ice Age on her merits because she was suffering in the process of bursting a blood vessel, she may well have felt she was going to die. Feeling like that could well have frightened her. It is when racehorses are put under pressure in the closing stages of a race they are most prone to burst blood vessels. There is a medication available, but the BHA don't allow that to be used. 

"With racegoers rioting, the stewards bizarrely declared Ice Age a non-runner with all bets on her refunded. Dwyer was later banned for 56 days  = (two months) and, when he appealed and the case was referred back to the stewards, they increased the penalty. To 8 months.  The stewards lied to defuse the angry situation. Hiding the truth from all punters. That the Indian Stewards declared Ice Age a non-runner .... was the best they could come up with being bloodhorse illiterate themselves.

"Our attention tends to focus on the merit of the stewards. original decision but, disturbingly, Dwyer's case may, in the end, not be decided on its merits. The key true facts are all bloodhorse literate Equus Zone true facts.


"Was Ice Age a non - trier?  No. Ice Age was experiencing the frightening symptoms that accompany bursting a  blood vessel  Most British observers, including myself, will take the view the problem was not Dwyer's state of mind but the fact that, in the closing stages, having first hung left, Ice Age, who was reported to have bled, then hung violently right, colliding with the horses on her inside. Ice Age's unusual behaviour was caused by the pain she was experiencing and the symptoms burdened upon her as she was suffering a bleed. There was nothing that Dwyer could have done about any of it. Other than sit and suffer with her, for her. Racehorses are not machines they are flesh and blood the same as we are.

Dwyer switched his whip in appropriate fashion but things happened too quickly for effective evasive action. Not everyone, and certainly not the RWITC stewards, will share that opinion. With respect this has everything to do with the Rules of a Sport.  The Global Sport of Horseracing.  And nothing to do with different opinions.  It is about establishing what the True Rules of  Global Horseracing are. The number 1 priority rule to keep this sport safe. Safe for the horses themselves. Safe for the people who work with the horses every day. Safe  for all global  horses and horsemen. Safe for all punters who have an absolute right to know and to understand what the True Rules of Global Horseracing are.

"Dwyer might be successful in his final appeal to the RWITC's board of appeal, but what if he isn't?

The British Horseracing Authority and the Royal Western India Turf Club are effectively announcing to the world that Dwyer is a dishonest person. They are trashing and condemning  his name,  they are  trashing his career and threatening to destroy his livelihood and his very existance, including that of his family. An unacceptible evil and Corrupt Act.

"Although there is an established system for the international reciprocation  of penalties imposed by other racing authorities, the BHA is not obliged to enforce Dwyer's ban in Britain, but its ruling when Richard Hughes applied for a 50-day ban imposed by the RWITC not to be reciprocated is instructive, and discouraging.
How can any country in this case India state and declare they do not allow a defendant horseman to have legal representation himself? (Bloodhorse illiterate legal representation?) (of what use is this?) A legal unlevel playing field where bloodhorse literacy is completely ignored? The rights and the needs of the part played by the racehorse in this sport.
"The RWITC asked the BHA to enforce Hughes's ban in accordance with article 10 of the relevant international agreement but, in 2007, India ceased to be a signatory to Article 10, probably because it required authorities to allow riders to be legally represented, which is forbidden under RWITS rules.


"The BHA's disciplinary panel ruled that reciprocal enforcement could not, therefore, be granted under article 10.


"Yet it still rejected Hughes's application. That was because reciprocation is also provided for under the BHS's own rules.


"Rule (A) 69.I  "applies where a jockey  ... has been suspended by a recognised  racing authority" . Rule (A) 69.2 states that "The jockey ... must not ride in any race on any day when such such suspension is effective" .


"However, under Rule (A) 69.3, the BHA "may, on application of a jockey ... direct that paragraph 69.2 shall not apply to him" . Before making an application, the jockey must first exhaust all available appeal procedures, which is what Dwyer is doing.


"The BHA does not provide written guidance on how its discretionary power should be exercised, so the disciplinary panel found itself in unfamiliar territory. Having pondered the principles to be applied, the panel decided  it  should consider "the interest of effective regulation in sport, both here and in India" and "the interest of the individual concerned  in a fair and just disciplinary treatment" . An application by a jockey might be successful  if the disciplinary procedure was deemed unfair, or if the facts found and reasons given for the decision simply failed to establish the breach of the rules that was found" or "if the decision is perverse (ie. no reasonable tribunal could have arrived at the result it reached)" .


"On the face of it, that sounds promising for Dwyer, but Hughes's case was deemed not to meet the test and Dwyer faces a more difficult task than many might imagine. The disciplinary panel made it clear, and Hughes's legal representative accepted, that it was not appropriate for the panel to stage "a rehearing of whether Hughes was in breach of the RWITC rule in question" or to "substitute its judgement for that of the RWITC stewards and board of appeal" .                 


"In Dwyer's case, many observers will expect the BHA to treat the RWITC's decision  as unjustified by the facts and/or perverse but, even if it emerges that the only evidence considered  by the  RWITC was that of a video recording of the race, the BHA is likely to steer clear of making and applying its  own judgement on the incident. That would set a potentially  dangerous precedent.


"The precedent set by the disciplinary panel in Hughes's case makes it likely the BHA will take the view that the RWITC  interpretation of events, and the penalty imposed, do not qualify as perverse, nor a breach of national justice. There is a real danger of a miscarriage of justice. "

J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment
Monday August 19th 2013
"The precedent set by the disciplinary panel in Hughes's case makes it likely the BHA will take the view that the RWITC  interpretation of events, and the penalty imposed, do not qualify as perverse, nor a breach of national justice. There is a real danger of a miscarriage of justice. "
"There is a real danger of a miscarriage of justice. "  YES, every day the BHA are making shocking mistakes and getting away with every one. The question is how?

The First Qipco British Champions Day Ascot October 15th 2011
The BHA, acting on the world stage of global horseracing this day.  The day when the BHA's New Bloodhorse Illiterate British Whip Rules hit Global Horseracing and Christophe Soumillon (FR) like a thunder bolt from the blue.

Britain is firmly wedged in a political punishment culture, set up in secret at the top table, whether we like it or not. We are not allowed to find out why. Possibly because if we knew the truth it would hit us all like a thunder bolt from the blue, the same as experienced by Christophe Soumillon at Ascot on that very first Qipco British Champions Day 2011.

Enter the British Political System. Enter the British Banking System. Enter the British Legal Justice System. Enter the National Health and the Medical Profession beaurocracy that would choke you to death.  Enter the British Horseracing Authority. What do you find? At the top table they are all tarred with their same secret brush. They are all clinging to the cruel past, not the cruel past of last year, not the cruel past of a decade ago, Not the cruel past of a century ago. Not the cruel past of  two centuries ago.  But the secret shocking and ancient cruel practice that has thread its evil way through Britian's social structure since the doomsday book.

The Domesday Book was commissioned in December 1085 by William the Conqueror, who invaded England in 1066. The first draft was completed in August 1086 and contained records for 13,418 settlements in the English counties south of the rivers Ribble and Tees (the border with Scotland at the time).

Tuesday August 20th 2013
"WHAT I've been musing about is whether or not Martin Dwyer will be required to serve the eight month ban imposed by the Royal Western India Turf Club, so I'm afraid there won't be many jokes. On the other hand, there won't be any tips either. Every cloud has a silver lining.


In October 2011 a British Bloodhorse Illiterate New Whip Ruling was added to the British Rules of Horseracing lurched into action by the BHA added to the present rules only days before the very first Qipco British Champions Day. Bloodhorse Illiterate Whip Rules that have remained there since over the last two years. Since, how are jockeys to interpret this bloodhorse illiterate ruling?

The BHA's timing of adding - entering their new whip rules highly significant.
The BHA's choice of personnel put on to tackle the BHA Review of Whip Rules.
highly significant.

When and how the use of a whip comes into play.
How not to use a whip.

Wednesday August 21st 2013
Raceform 'Horses in Training' a yearly publication that lists all the licensed British trainers and the names of the horses they have 'In Training' under both codes 'Flat' and 'Jumping' .


Your Racing Post pages 12 -13
As Published in your Racing Post Tuesday August 20th 2013
"Any plans to retire? "First, my pension's worthless, and second I came downstairs like an absolute gazelle this morning" .
"Master trainer Sir Mark Prescott answers your questions, pages 12-13"

"I can never understand it when people say they wouldn't change anything, that they've no regrets about their lives. I'd change lots of things - for a start I'd go back and be not so horrible to certain people" .

"Will we ever see a horse repeat the performances of Spindrifter, who won 13 races as a
two-year-old? How did you keep him sound and in good heart for so long a campaign?

Sir Mark "He was a tremendous horse, he made training look easy, and no horse will repeat what he did - or what Provideo and Timeless Times did for Bill O'Gorman a few years later - because the racing program has changed. In those days (1980)  there was lots of conditions races, especially ones for horses who hadn't won a race worth £2,500. I had to be clever and not win big pot, but earlier that year I asked his owner Graeme Waters whether he'd like a crack at something like the Windsor Castle Stakes at Royal Ascot or would rather win a lot of races.
"He said he'd rather win a lot of races. Spindrifter trained himself really, he was a very hardy horse but one of relatively limited ability and his campaign just showed what careful placing could do-I exploited what he was good at, which was the ability to handle firm ground and to run frequently. Five years earlier Nagwa had won 13 races for Barry Hills, and amazingly both Nagwa and Spindrifter were bred by Joe Crowley, who is Aidan O'Brien's father-in-law.

Barry Hills Biography[edit source | editbeta]
Barry Hills had three sons in his first marriage: John, Michael, and Richard. John is a horse trainer, and both Michael and Richard are jockeys. After his divorce, he married Penny Hills, and had two more sons, Charles and George. Charles is current trainer and George who provides Bloodstock Insurance in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. 

Frances Crowley
A daughter of the immensely shrewd racehorse trainer, Joe Crowley, Frances Crowley was always likely to follow in her fathers footsteps. Before embarking on her current career as a trainer,Frances enjoyed a highly successful career as a jockey, riding a total of 71 winners. In fact,Frances was the first ever woman to be crowned Irish Champion Amateur Rider, a feat she achieved in both 1995 and 1996. Then, in 1998,Crowley made her conversion to the training ranks when taking over the stables that had been occupied by her sister, Anne Marie and her husband Aidan O’Brien, in Piltown, Co Kilkenny. So seamless was this transition that in her first year in her profession, she saddled no less than 42 winners which saw her finish third in the trainers’ championship.

Aidan Patrick O'Brien (born 16 October 1969 in County Wexford, Ireland)[1] is an Irish horse racing trainer. Since 1996, he has been the private trainer at Ballydoyle Stables near Cashel in County Tipperary for John Magnier and his Coolmore Stud associates.'Brien

Thursday August 22nd Day Two Of Four York Ebor Festival  2013
(Wednesday August 21 2013 York Ebor)
THE HOT TOPIC of the muddled confusion within the Rules of  British and Global Horseracing where top jockeys (Group 1) are not getting a fair deal from British Regulation, or Global Horseracing Regulation either at home or abroad.

But no Paul Bittar thinks differently and is as far removed from the Equus Domain as it is possible for anyone to be.  Bittar shows that he has and is accepting considerable financial reward each and every day for not knowing what he is talking about,  he declared live that:
 The BHA British Rules of Horseracing are:
1.  Driven by punters
2. Are punter friendly
3. Are there for BHA to choose, decide the winner
4. Are there to protect the winner
5. Are there to protect the punter
Nick Luck says he sees the British Rules of horseracing out on the racetracks getting messier and rougher every day.
Jim Mc Grath says he sees there are no uniform Global Rules of horseracing bar an attempt to harmonise ......
Graham Cunningham sees the British Rule of Horseracing as bending over backwards to protect the sinner.
IN every case the rights and needs of the horses are being badly ignored. As was so vividly portrayed and so starkly evident in India on February 17th as ICE AGE suffered a bleed and was unable to perform as well as was expected, as well as she usually does. But no nay never it was all MARTIN DWYERS fault. Another corrupt British jockey it was declared and banded about. Dwyer must be punished. So Dwyer is punished a two month ban. Dwyer appeals, he is punished again, with this second ban being for 8 months. Libel Slander the lot burdened upon Dwyer, no nay never Bittar can you be allowed to get away with any of this, to include the dictate BHA people in behind you. Lyn Williams for one. OUT, OUT OUT.
What would happen to the global sport of Tennis if the Tennis punters were allowed to change the rules of Tennis to suit themselves every day?
Tennis rules are in place the same worldwide to ensure fair play out on the actual tennis court throughout each match played their.
What would happen to the global sport of Cricket if the Cricket punters were allowed to change the rules of Cricket to suit themselves every day? How would the Cricketers know how to play? How are British jockeys expected to know how to ride competing in Britain? Or in other countries?
Horseracing Rules in the Equus Domain need to be in place worldwide to ensure fair play for the horses and their riders out on the actual racetrack throughout each race run their every day. Punters don't ride. But they all need to be allowed to know and to understand what the true global bloodhorse literate horseracing rules are. Vital for every wager they consider.



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