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 Turfcall Punters please take note. Keep your scores up to date. This jumps season 2013-2014 we are following the same two trainers teams Willie Mullins (IRE) and Nicky Henderson (GB) The same as we did in last years jumps season 2012- 2013.
Magic Mullins rules with amazing seven-timer

 By David Baxter 6:00PM 17 NOV 2013

A SUPER Sunday of action in Britain and Ireland was dominated by a pair of trainers and jockeys, with Willie Mullins, David Pipe, Ruby Walsh and Paul Townend winning 14 races between them.

 Cheltenham Host


Cheltenham Feature Race 2.30 Paddy Power Gold Cup Chase
16 fences

WIN: JOHNS SPIRIT (IRE) 6 10-2 partner RICHIE McLERNON trainer Jonjo O'Neill for Christopher  W T Johnston 7-1

Cheltenham Race 1.50 Murphy Group Handicap Chase

22 fences
1:50 Murphy Group Handicap Chase (Grade 3) Cl1 3m3f110y CH4 Card Betting
WIN: ALVARADO (IRE) 8 10-00 partner PAUL MOLONEY trainer Fergal O'Brien 
2nd KNOCKARA BEAU (IRE) 10 10-13. partner JAN FALTEEJSEK trainer George Charlton for J Charlton.  25-1
Clouted 4th fence from home, costing him this race,  recovered this set back to finish 2nd  beaten 2 lengths by winner ALVARADO (13lbs in hand) 12-1.
A great performance by brave KNOCKARA BEAU
THESE BRAVE CHASERS AND THEIR RIDERS a totally different perspective from the Flat or even Hurdle racing. The duel partnership and concentration between horse and rider in these steeplechases  involving  22 big fences or more, jumped at racing pace as Harvey Smith, John Francome,  Zara Phillips and  Graham Lee know so well is all down to spot on accuracy between horse and rider concentration, give a little here ... take a little there, superfine balance and timing  the key thread of accuracy behind any and every success.   An incredible work of art achievement between horse and rider.

As does Jonjo O'Neill and AP McCoy

Have you ever been blinded by the sun when driving your car?

How many racehorses are getting blinded by the sun in races at Cheltenham?

How many racehorses have lost their lives racing at Cheltenham through being blinded by the sun?


 All fences and hurdles likely to be effected this way must be  dolled off or removed completely



David Ashforth at the Derby Awards 6.12.10
David Ashforth:
Twice voted journalist of the year
PICTURE: Dan Abraham

Racing Post Saturday November 16th 2013 Page 20
"Have a laugh and come up with a  funny title for a book
Pic: Knockara Beau:
 Can he finally win at Cheltenham  at the 14th attempt?

"Good news. First, its Cheltenham today and, second, this week there's a competition, with a prize. I'm not sure what the prize is yet but I hope to have decided by the time you reach the end (if you ever do).

"It's a long time since the Cheltenham Festival and I can't remember whether it's the third-last fence or the second-last where the horse I've backed usually blunders. It's that down hill one which isn't as tricky as it used to be but is still a bit tricky, particularly for anything with four legs , a long stride and a small brain. Whoever's riding the one I've backed, can you please try not to fall off?  Thank you.


"The Paddy Power Gold Cup (nee Mackeson Gold Cup, nee Murphy's Gold Cup, nee Thomas Pink Gold Cup) has been won by some tremendous horses and brings back a lot of memories. I won't recall them because that's the sort of thing that puts people off visiting relatives in old people's homes .


"It's interesting to note that David Pipe still needs to win seven more Paddy Powers before matching his father's record. Great  Endeavour was a good start two years ago, but Pipe does need Ballynagour to win today to get the ball rolling (Rolling Ball never ran in what was then the Mackeson but in 1991 Martin Pipe won what was then the Sun Alliance Chase with him, David needs to win two of those to match his father.)


"What will win the big race? I've no idea. As races sponsored by bookmakers tend to be, it's a fiendishly difficult handicap, albeit a fascinating and high - class one. It's a race to savour rather than bet on, which is like admiring a beautiful women while resisting the urge to kiss her. Still, she'd only slap you and we know what would happen to the bet.


"The Paddy Power is engaging but so is the previous race, the Murphy Group Handicap Chase over almost three and a half miles featuring one of my favourite horses. Knockara Beau is the salt of the earth, equine division, and even though  George Charlton's stalwart has never won at Cheltenham in 13 visits, he's got a great record at the track. The colours are rather nice too.


" Knockara Beau has finished in the first four eight times at Cheltenham in a string of good races, including the 2010 RSA Chase, when he was fourth.


"In 2012 he ran in the Gold Cup  and finished a respectable sixth. Last month, back from his summer holidays, he won a staying Chase he won a staying Chase at Kelso, the tenth win of his splendid career.


"Nine of those ten successes have been achieved with Czech jockey Jan Faltejsek in the saddle, Faltejsek who once worked for Charlton but is now based in France, recently won the Velka Pardubicka for the second year running on Orphee Des Blins. Today he is back to renew his partnership with Knockara Beau.


"It would be wonderful if they won. Of course, Knockara Beau won't win, for various bucket-of-cold-water reasons, including his advancing age, non-receding handicap rating and the strength of the opposition. Yes.  but if he didn't win  ...


"Now to the competition. The prize is a copy of Jamie Reid's excellent book Doped. which anyone would enjoy, even if they're not a drug addict themselves.


"I'll throw in a copy of my old book Ringers & Rascals, which some people might enjoy and will reduce the pile of unwanted copies in my bookcase.


"The prize will go to whoever comes up with the best title for a book by a racing figure, one that makes me laugh. To give you an idea, here's my list:


"Ryan Moore. Mr Chatterbox John McCririck.  Sexism and Ageism: Quiet reflections Clare Balding. How to Relax Joseph O'Brien. My favourite puddings. Sam Twiston-Davies and Sam Waley-Cohen. Living with Hyphens John Magnier. Collected Interviews: A leaflet George Baker. Vertigo Aidan O'Brien. Listen Richard Hannon jnr. Waiting for Godot David Pipe. At Least I'm Taller Hayley Turner. My body and Other Disasters Richard Johnson. Second Best Matt Chapman. Always Trying Victoria Beckham and Nick Luck. Posh.


"I'd like to write a book called Prostate Cancer: Is it a good thing? Yes, yes, yes.


"November is Movember, when men grow moustaches to draw attention to the disease and raise funds. At Cheltenham today, Prostate Cancer UK is holding a Lunch at the Races, with Sir Martin Broughton and Jeff Randall as hosts, to raise money for the launch of a new research initiative

Prostate Cancer UK

"We are hoping that someone has an enormous winning bet, as opposed to getting beaten in a photo-finish and going into a tremendous sulk.


"Almost forgot. To enter the competition please email your suggested titles to "
Liquorice Allsorts of Horseracing?

J. Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment (JMC) 

THE GAMBLING GAME that horseracing provides is all about opinion.
Opinions views, prices, false values the lot.

HORSEMENSHIP is about 'Know How' . Knowing how to communicate with a racehorse every step of the way accurately.  Passed down from generation to generation, or not as the case maybe.  There is far more to horseracing than the part played by jockeys.

Born in Dublin October 8th 1940
Gave a Lifetime Career At The Highest Level: 
Pioneer Global Professional Licensed  Flat Turf Jockey
Group 1. (lightweight) (horseracing)
 (top global lightweight rider)

Bloodhorse Literate achiever in his own right
 in theory and in practice.
1955 - 1978 -
 2013 at present Bloodhorse Literate in Theory.
Career cut short through bad fall injuries 10 concussions.
Effecting his memory. He was advised by Doctors to retire early.

Present Life Style
As you may be aware Mr Desmond Cullen is attempting to live through the trauma of Prostate Cancer. When some days the pain is hard for him to bare, and he has been feeling like death warmed up, which effects his mobility and everything else as well .

 His situation being that his health fluctuates from hour to hour, and from day to day.
Desmond is a gentle humble little man, with a great sense of humour. His home sparsely furnished of scant content and little comfort,  bar the bare necessities. If that even.

Territory  Environment
In Hospital for a few weeks from September 13th to October 3rd home again
 Ill all week from Monday September 9th admitted to Hospital on Friday September 13th.

Home Environment
Out of Hospital: Came  Home on Thursday afternoon October 3rd.

But where are the Doctors?
Surely it is a Doctors' responsibility to take over when one of their patients returns from hospital. To visit this patient in his own home within the first 24 hours? And thereafter to visit at least once a week. to check out how things are progressing or not as the case maybe?

Daily Medication
Put up ready as prescriber by Hospital Doctor in hands of  local Chemist.
Delivered by chemist every Friday Afternoon

Doctors Tasks: For Desmond Cullen at Home
Is anyone allowed to know? What are they exactly?

Nurses Tasks: For Desmond Cullen at Home
Is anyone allowed to know? What are they exactly?

Carers Tasks: For Desmond Cullen Home from hospital Thursday October 3rd
Started on Friday October 4th 2013 . Terminated with immediate effect on Monday  November 4th.

Carers to call four times every day, to ensure that some of  Mr Cullen's daily general needs are met. Unable to give specific times. To check to see if he is  still alive? To check to see if he is  taking his tablets four times a day?
Carers? What sort of Carers?

Minders?  What sort of Minders? Someone who picks up when the medical profession fail, ceases to work. A medical profession who alienates/sacrifices a patient through failed working practices.

 EG:  A National Health Doctor on say a salary of £100,000 (One hundred thousand pounds a year). That Doctor is being paid for every persons name each and every year on that Doctors registry of patients whether they have need of a Doctor or not in any one year. 

Knowing that a Carer is coming in four times each day boosts confidence in a patient. Especially valued by Mr Cullen. A carer who will be able to cope with the things that Mr Cullen cannot manage at present to do for himself, through having to attempt to live through dreadful pain and uncertainty.

Present Mobility: Fragile - Weak
Causing likely falls at any time during every 24 hours indoors.
eg: Fall in bathroom on Sunday November 3rd. Luckily I was there at the time. You wouldn't believe the tangle he ended up in on the floor. In a very small bathroom (a wash basin. A bath. A loo.) with two walking frames in there at the same time.
 Electricity Meter indoors:
 Does not need to run out. Or to be left to be in danger of running out. Money needed to keep the metre running in winter.
Home improvements
Emergency alert button for immediate join-up for help
To adapt the Bath for easy access. A bath seat
The Safe Key Lock for front door.
Physical and Emotional Needs
Feeling dreadfully ill is a frightening experience, and an  uncertain environment to live through or not as the case maybe.
To have Carers facility cut off with immediate effect on Monday November 4th
a shock.
Mr D Cullen carers reinstated on Thursday November 7th
A Dark Age National Health Service
 Run their services, such as they are, on the cheap.

Dark Age British Political and Horseracing Government
We are led to believe that Britain has a multi billion pound Horseracing Industry. (British Horseracing  Government BHA  Fob Off Lip Service)  But is being run as a dishonest charity. Half the horseracing people who have come to live in Feilden Court over the last 30 years, have died here alone.

In an atmosphere of  patronising landlord menace together working hand in hand with the financial greed of governments. Who do not know what caring is.
Feilden Court one of British horseracing's throwaway rubbish dumps. After decades of  highly  skilled service to the sport of horseracing working at the dangerous sharp end of  British  horseracing every single day.  It is difficult to find  the word to describe abuse such as this.

The Injured Jockey's  say their hands are tied.  Political and Horseracing Government's corrupt working practices do not include any sort of true caring standards whatsoever for either the racehorses or the people who work with the racehorses every day. Even those who have dedicated their lifetime careers to horseracing.  Dark Age Evil Government polices still in place, left ongoing over centuries of financial corruption and unhealthy practice. Ensuring Hell on Earth.

Territory  Environment
Mr D Cullen admitted to Hospital again on Saturday November 9th  
Still there at present.
10 Early Signs of Prostate Cancer That Often Go Unnoticed
Bill Barber
Horsemeat call no issue for racing
(published RP Thursday November 15th 2013)_
THE debate sparked by the Princess Royal's call for a discussion on whether Britons should consider eating horsemeat  has no correlation with horseracing, the BHA and RSPCA insisted yesterday
"Roly Owers, chief executive of World Horse Welfare, which works closely with the BHA on welfare matters, said the debate was needed. "We're in the grip of an equine welfare crisis, "he told the BBC. "We go into winter with more than 7,000 horses at high risk of suffering and needing rescue, so we've got to look at all options.

"The RSPCA said it welcomed any debate into the "growing problem" with horse welfare , although equine consultant David Muir said: "There's no correlation between the racing industry and the meat industry as such, and I can't see a correlation between what she said and horseracing at all."
"BHA spokesman Robin Mounsey said: "Owing to tight controls it's very unlikely a racehorse would enter the food chain. " Tight controls?
JMC Turfcall Comment 
Typical BHA, Robin Mounsey backed up by BHA'S RSPCA man David Muir clueless as to the welfare rights and the needs of racehorses and the people who work with the racehorses every day. BHA  Government not fit to regulate British horseracing  bury there heads in the sand. 
BHA: Mounsey and Muir ignore the call of Welfare charities. Ignore the fact that  7,000 horses are at risk of neglect and abandonment every year. Ignore the RSPCA concerned over the struggle to meet the demand for its help. Ignore the fact that thousands of racehorses every year loose their lives as found to be surplus to requirements.


Did you notice the photograph on the front page of the Racing Post yesterday ... ?
It looked  like a black and white photograph, but it wasn't.
It showed what looked like a very ordinary man walking along a desolate but very ordinary railway station platform carrying a bag with two quite long handles on it, a  newspaper carefully tucked into the right side pocket of what looked like a dark mac, like overcoat buckled up around the waist neatly. This man looked comfortable in his clothes, walking along briskly, with a bent on where he was going sort of step.
The text with pic read "The owner now arriving at platform 1 ...

And in much smaller letters read ... "J P McManus, who made his maiden trip from London to Plumpton by rail yesterday and greeted his winners of the first two races at the Sussex course, Talk of the Tracks, page 10.
Lets take a closer look at who  JP McManus actually is.
He loves his horses that's for sure.


This week's ACTION from the Team at Jackdaws Castle


Team (Jonjo)  O'Neill

18th November 2013

Two winners and over £100,000 in prize money came our way at The Open. It was a great occasion with Taquin Du Seuil getting home narrowly with AP on Friday and Johns Spirit landing the Paddy Power Gold Cup under a fine ride by Richie McClernon. It’s always brilliant to win one of the top races at Cheltenham. Like our previous winner, Exotic Dancer, Johns Spirit is only six and we have a lot to look forward to. Shutthefrontdoor ran really well to finish second and gain valuable experience around the track.

Johns Spirit’s win took us past last season’s total of 90 winners and £690,000 in prize money, an immense achievement by the team at Jackdaws. There is still an awfully long way to go but a few people are beginning to notice we are just as far ahead of the field as we were a month ago.
Another headline of this same paper, as reported by Graham Green, read:
  "Dwyer and Mulrennan shun order to appear in India.
" Riders will not attend inquiry into CD claims."
By Lewis Porteous 9:52AM 18 NOV 2013 
JOCKEYS Martin Dwyer and Paul Mulrennan will be asked to return to India as Royal Western India Turf Club stewards seek an explanation from the two jockeys regarding an alleged conversation between the pair from more than three years ago.
The Guardian 

The Guardian, Wednesday 28 October 2009

A champion horse can earn millions in prize money. But that's nothing compared with what it can make at stud. As Sea the Stars - one of the greatest thoroughbreds of all time - retires at the peak of his career to an Irish stud farm, what does the future hold for him?

 Stephen Moss with champion racehorse Sea the Stars Photograph: INPHO/Donall Farmer

What an odd town Newmarket is. A town that runs on expensive horseflesh and cheap alcohol. A town of nightclubs and early-morning gallops, with the same very thin men sometimes managing to attend both. "A one-horse town with 3,000 horses," as residents like to say. And certainly the only place where I have ever seen, in a bookshop in the high street, a calendar devoted to ferrets.

It is a depressing town in many ways, where stable staff on the minimum wage service horses worth hundreds of thousands for men (and I suppose a few women) worth millions, or billions in the case of Sheikh Mohammed, ruler of Dubai. In one sense, he is ruler of Newmarket, too, with his vast Darley stud farm and clutch of subsidiary studs, stretching across 2,000-plus acres. He has just spent £600,000 on a new cricket pavilion close to the gallops, and his subjects are grateful. Without Sheikh Mo's millions, Newmarket would be far more bedraggled than it is.

This is the story of a wonderhorse, Sea the Stars; of a sport, horse racing; and an industry, equine breeding. But it is a closed, obsessive and secretive world, and we need to begin slowly. Some of the peculiarities of racing have first to be explained. There are two branches: the Flat and jumping (also, to confuse non-aficionados further, called National Hunt). Flat racing is traditionally the sport of kings (now sheikhs and wealthy Irish and American consortia); jump racing of farmers and countrymen. Casual followers of racing used to dote on the Flat, but now seem to prefer jumping: less corporate, more accessible. The Flat, to the concern of many in the sport, is ceasing to fascinate.

J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment
This Guardian feature provokes the question:  Why do the top key horsemen and horsewomen working within Licensed Trainers Teams who's daily work and skills bring these highly priced racehorses, to peak fitness to perform, to know their job,  to compete spectacularly at the highest level giving amazing performances to win the top global races. Such racehorses that move on to Stud earning further billions for their owners.


So how is it that these highly skilled horsemen and horsewomen are not being paid for the fantastic work that they carry out each and every day and have carried out each and every day over the last 6 decades? Feilden Court testament to one of British horseracing's throwaway rubbish dumps. Horsemen after decades of  highly  skilled service to the sport of global horseracing working at the dangerous sharp end of  British  horseracing every single day. Dumped in Feilden Court penniless. It is difficult to find  the word to describe abuse such as this.

The Injured Jockey's  say their hands are tied.  The IJF founded in good faith in 1964 but throughout and to date over the last fifty years nobbled by corrupt working practices, shabby political and horseracing government financial greed and bloodhorse  ignorance. Dark Age Evil Government polices left ongoing over centuries of financial corruption and unhealthy practice. Ensuring Hell on Earth for all True Horsemen.

Observances Referenced
Country run by Politicians to suit Politicians.  One Way Street Theirs

Horseracing run to suit Unqualified People.  One Way Street Theirs
Lawyers run to suit  Lawyers.  One Way Street Theirs.
Bankers run to suit Bankers.  One Way Street Theirs.
Accountancy run to suit Accountants. One Way Street Theirs
Medical Profession run to suit Medical Profession.  One Way Street Theirs
Hospitals run to suit Hospitals.  One Way Street Theirs
Veterinary Practices run to suit Veterinaries. One Way Street Theirs
County Councils run to suit County Councils.  One Way Street Theirs.
Bureaucracy run to suit Bureaucracy. One Way Street Theirs
Police run to suit Police. One Way Street Theirs.
Inland Revenue run to suit Inland Revenue. One Way Street Theirs.

What about the British People? Where do they fit into this Nationwide Rip Off?

Turfcall Equus Zone meet up with Racing Post Punters Zone
The new weekend is nearly here again  Go Racing? On your marks?
CH4 Saturday bring us the Morning Line Preview am. Plus live action pm from Haydock Park (Jumps Turf) and our Queen's Royal Ascot Racecourse (Jumps Turf).

Staying with the same two Trainers Teams This New Jumps Season 2013 - 2014
 as in Jumps Season 2012 - 2013  again.
Team  (Willie) Mullins (IRE)  Equus Zone  
Daily Record 
When: Thursday, 21 Nov 2013
Where: Thurles (map)
Description: We have two in the 2m 2f beginners chase. Cadspeed (Ruby) ran well fresh last season and he should go well if his jumping holds together here. If Local Celebrity (Patrick) can build on his previous experience he might get a share of the place money. Urano (Ruby) goes for the 2mile maiden hurdle. He has some great form at this track and we are hoping this is an opportunity to get his novice year off to a good start. Perfect Gentleman (Patrick) runs in the 2m 6f novice hurdle. He will love this trip and will handle the ground. If he can show a bit of improvement he should go close. Shake The Tree (Patrick) runs in the bumper. She has been disappointing and it is hard to see her improve enough to beat the well fancied Pat Fahy runner Western Boy. Maybe a career over hurdles beckons for her.

Stable Jockey Ruby Walsh
Race by Race Daily Record
Ruby's score this season so far: 111121481111u111113

Team (Nicky) Henderson (GB) Equus Zone
Race by Race Daily Record

Stable Jockey Barry Geraghty
Barry Geraghty's blog (18 November)
18 Nov 2013


Tomorrow  Get Set?  Go Racing? Follow with CH4 Morning Line Preview.  CH4 Afternoon Live action from Haydock Park Live Races 1.50. 2.25. 3.00. 3.35.  Ascot 2.05. 2.40. 3.15 .


GOING: YIELDING (Good to yielding in places). (Partly cloudy)
12:15 Santa Train Bookings At 3-Y-O Maiden Hurdle 2m Card Betting
12:50 Santa Train At Gowran Park Novice Hurdle 2m Card Betting
1:20 Gowran Park Racing Club Annual Dinner Handicap Hurdle 2m Card Betting
1:55 Centenary Racing Club Membership 2014 From 125 Euros Mares Handicap Hurdle 2m4f Card Betting
2:30 Race That Stops A County "Thyestes Jan 23rd 2014" Chase 2m4f Card Betting
3:05 Irish Stallion Farms European Breeders Fund Beginners Chase 2m4f Card Betting
3:40 Irish Racing Yearbook Handicap Chase 2m2f Card Betting

FEATURE HAYDOCK  3.00 Chase 3m1f

1.50 Handicap Hurdle 2m4f
Blue Fashion Team Henderson RP Rating 140
Golden Hoof  Team Henderson RP Rating 150 

2.25 Handicap Hurdle 3m Fixed Brush Hurdles
Utopie Des Bordes Team Henderson RP Rating 148

3.00 Feature Chase (Group 1) 3m1f
Bobs Worth partner Barry Geraghty Team Henderson. RP Rating 188
Long Run partner Mr Sam Waley-Cohen Team Henderson RP Rating 181

3.35 Handicap Chase  3m1f
Prince Of Pirates partner?  Team Henderson. RP Rating 155

2.05  Chase 2m3f
Captain Cogan partner?  Team Henderson RP Rating 166
French Opera partner A Tinkler Team Henderson RP Rating 164

2.40 Feature Race Coral Hurdle  2m3f
Rolling Star  partner? Team Henderson RP Rating 151
Zaidpour partner? Team Mullins RP Rating 166
Annie Power partner? Team Mullins RP Rating 168

3.15 Handicap Chase 2m1f
Tanks For That partner? Team Henderson RP Rating 159

12.15.  Maiden Hurdle for 3yo's 2m
Abbyssial partner?  Team Mullins RP Rating 113
Wood Briezh partner?  Team Mullins RP?

12.50. Novice Hurdle 2m for 4yo's
Alonso partner?  Team Mullins RP Rating 133
Artic Fire partner?  Team Mullins RP Rating 134
Rennetti partner?  Team Mullins RP Rating 133

2.30. Race that stops a county Chase 2m4f
Marito  partner?  Team Mullins RP Rating 157
Turban partner?  Team Mullins RP Rating 149
Vesper Bell partner?  Team Mullins RP Rating 156

3.05. Breeders Fund Beginners Chase 2m4f
Ballycasey 6 11-12 partner?  Team Mullins RP Rating ?
Cadspeed 10 11-12 partner?   Team Mullins RP Rating 124
Local Celebrity 9 11-12 partner?  Team Mullins RP Rating 89
The Bosses Cousin 8 11-12  partner?  Team Mullins RP 125
Djakadam 4 10-13  partner?  Team Mullins RP ?

Yes, yes, yes  Go.  Spend it with  CH4 at home on TV.  Or go to your favourite racecourse?
See above racecards from both Haydock Park Live Races 1.50. 2.25. 3.00. 3.35.  and Ascot 2.05. 2.40. 3.15. both Jumps Turf.
Please use this join - up for CH4 Morning Line Preview and CH4 Live Afternoon Action today 
minding the yearlings

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