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Lent 2019:
4th Sacred Sunday in Lent March 31:

3rd Sacred Sunday in Lent March 24: 
Lent: Ash Wednesday March 6, 2019: 

Pope Francis: Let us pray to God in time of need:

He will hear and heed us.

USA for Africa - We are the World We are the People: 

JMC: Since when has legal illiteracy become a crime?

When does bloodhorse illiteracy become a crime?

Image result for Silver Wisp. 1991. 3rd British Derby

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Some Racing Post News this Week:

Image result for Frankincense and More: The Biography

Hills Dynasty: 
  Frankincense and More: The Biography of Barry Hills (Book by Robin Oakley)
Author: Robin Oakley
Barry Hills: Horseracing Family Dynasty:

Closing Show: 

Saturday March 30 Results:

Results Saturday March 23:

Pic: As seen through the eyes of JMC:


ITV Racing: The Opening Show is on TV this week ... ITV4 9:30am Sat 23 Mar 23/03/2019

Rishi Persad presents a look ahead to the day's racing at Kelso, plus a ...


Oli Bell:  Jason Weaver:  Kevin Blake:  Sally Ann Grassick:  Matt Chapman:

RP: Hold tight - The UK: Flat Season is on the runway ....

Doncaster: (30/03/2019) 
Flat Turf: Feature Race 3.35 The Lincoln Handicap: 

      1:502:25:  3:00:   3:35:   4:10:   4:45:  5:20

UK: ITV4 Social Stable:
Elizabeth: A Life In Pictures (1/92)

JMC: Fact: Punters Path: :
 ITV4: Present: Matt Chapman: Special Agent: 
The man with the clues: 
But what sort of clues you might well ask? 

Doncaster: (30/03/2019)
Flat Turf: Feature Race 3.35 The Lincoln Handicap:

The latest Tweets from Matt Chapman (@MCYeeehaaa). Freelance TV ...
Already seems ages since @CheltenhamRaces @itvracing @ITV.
Style ll of its own.

Image result for Frankincense and More: The Biography

Hills Dynasty: 
  Frankincense and More: The Biography of Barry Hills (Book by Robin Oakley)
Author: Robin Oakley
Barry Hills: Horseracing Family Dynasty:

.Frankincense and More: The Biography of Barry Hills: ..

The son of a stable head lad, Barry Hills' fascinating story charts how he rose to be one of the leading trainers of all time. He placed a shrewd bet on a horse .... 

Desmond (Des) Cullen 

THE LIFE AND TIMES of Desmond (Des) Cullen  pioneering top professional global lightweight jockey horseman of the highest calibre with a true empathy with every racehorse he partnered. 


Richard Dunwoody:

Life Styles: Life Styles:

The Lincoln Handicap is a flat handicap horse race in Great Britain open to horses aged four years or older. It is run over a distance of 1 mile (1,609 metres) at ...
Distance: 1 mile (1,609 metres)
Qualification: Four-years-old and up
Track: Straight
Missing: Historic
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Pause for Thought: 
Vincent O'Brien: The Master
Published on 22 Jan 2019
Released: 2011 Narrator: Andrew Bennett Editor: Paul Giles Producer: Eddie Wiley Director: Maurice Sweeney Produced by Irish Horse Racing Television for RTÉ & © RTÉ 2011
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Blue Planet Live:
Sir David Attenborough

Sunday March 24 BBC1 8.00pm – 9.00pm

Wednesday March 27 BBC1 8.00pm – 9.00pm

Thursday March 28 BBC1 8.00pm – 9.00pm

Natural Curiosities
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Bloodhorse Literate: Global Horseracing:

Racing Post News: 
British: European: Global Horseracing: 

Nick Luck from Dubai:
This week’s @LuckOnSunday comes live from Dubai in association with @ABE_Dubai
 - delighted to announce Mike Smith as our star guest.
2 days ago · Twitter

JMC: Defending the Values of Bloodhorse Literacy Worldwide.
Defending the Values of Religious Literacy Worldwide.
Defending the Values of Human Life Literacy Worldwide.
Defending the Values of Human Rights Worldwide.
Since when has Legal Illiteracy become a crime?
When does Bloodhorse Illiteracy become a crime?

Great Racing Families:
The Scudamore Dynasty (UK)
Monday - Tuesday March 25, 26:

Image result for Peter Scudamore Wiki
ITV4 Peter Scudamore Celebrity Guest representing UK Jump Racing:
 The Scudamore Family Global Horseracing Dynasty

UK: Licensed Racehorse Trainers Act on Bloodhorse Illiterate 
British Horseracing Authority Regulators: (BHA)
Very proud to have sat next to this man for so long. Incredible rider and man.
 Go well @ndfehily it’s been a blast 👊…

4 days ago · Twitter

WATCH: Tom Scudamore in tears after his wonderful King George success
 on Thistlecrack. A whirl of emotions after the thrill of a lifetime.

The latest Tweets from Michael Scudamore (@MichaelScu). Cheltenham Festival

 & Welsh National winning Racehorse trainer based in Herefordshire. Bomsash
Well done Arthur great school round the Carlisle fences ready for Aintree in two weeks @AintreeRaces @CarlisleRaces #GN19 #Backontrack…

3 days ago · Twitter

Image result for Peter Scudamore Wiki
Image result for Peter Scudamore Wiki
Image result for Peter Scudamore Wiki
Image result for Peter Scudamore Wiki
Image result for Peter Scudamore Wiki
Image result for Peter Scudamore Wiki

Peter Scudamore MBE (born 29 June 1958), often known as 'Scu',
is a former jockey and trainer in National Hunt racing.
He was an eight-time Champion ...
Born29 June 1958 (age 60)
ChildrenMichael Scudamore; Tom Scudamore

13 Jul 2018 - THE Scudamore name runs through the last 60 years of jump racing ... More To Read GREAT RACING DYNASTIES ... a constant presence in an inconstant world, a comforting feeling that some things just never change at all.

 The Holy Spirit: 
Pope Francis:

1 Jul 2013 - Hymns are beloved because they share the richness of the gospel and the ... 
It is Well – Horacio Spafford, written in the Atlantic Ocean (1873).

30 Apr 2005 - If you think hymns are so last century, and praise songs
 are totally where it's at now, Carl P. Daw, Jr. begs to differ. A feature story exploring how ...

Hymns Ancient and Modern is a hymnal in common use within the Church of England, 
a result of the efforts of the Oxford Movement. Over the years it has grown into 
a large family of hymnals.
No. of Hymns: 273
Publisher: (Currently) Canterbury Press
Editor: William Henry Monk
Released: 1861


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Complete, fully searchable information about Hymns Ancient & Modern, New Standard Edition.

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