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The Man Who Listens To Horses

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2.15. Cold Move European Breeders Fund Marble Hill Stakes (Listed Race) for 2 yo’s 5f.  
WIN: COACH HOUSE 2 9-3 partner JOSEPH O’BRIEN handler presenter? trainer Aidan O’Brien for Magnier, Tabor and Smith. 4-6f. 6 ran. Non Runner STUBBS (Team O’Brien)
21 COACH HOUSE two year old colt his third race, runners quickly strung out, tracked the pace in 3rd, responding quickly when asked, to win this race smartly by one and three-quarter lengths. Thought likely to head now to Royal Ascot to challenge for the Two-Year- Old Coventry Stakes.

3.20 Tattersalls Irish 2,000 Guineas (Group 1) winner e174,000 1m
WIN: MAGICIAN (IRE) 3 9-0 partner JOSEPH O’BRIEN handler presenter DEREK WALSH trainer Aidan O’Brien for Tabor, Smith, Magnier. 100-30. Distance three and a half lengths. 10 ran.
9217 -1 MAGICIAN settled confidently in 3rd off a strong pace, cruising through to lead 1f out, quickened away to win comfortably.

1:45 . Big Bad Bob European Breeders Fund Maiden ( 2yo Colts and Geldings) 6f
WIN: SIR JOHN HAWKINS (USA) 2 9-5 partner JOSEPH O’BRIEN handler presenter? trainer Aidan O’Brien for Tabor, Smith, Magnier. 2-1f. distance three quarters of a length.  11 ran.
SIR JOHN HAWKINS debut race, always in touch, pulled clear inside final furlong. He will have learned plenty confidently, in this his very first race.

2.45. Airlie Stud Gallinule Stakes (Group 3) for 3 year olds trip 1m2f
WIN: LEADING LIGHT 3-9-3 partner JOSEPH O’BRIEN handler presenter? trainer Aidan
O’Brien for Tabor, Smith, Magnier. 4-6f. 8 ran.
41-1 LEADING LIGHT holds a number of big race entries, he set the pace here confidentlythroughout and kept on well. 

3.55 Etihad Airways Irish 1,000 Guineas (Fillies) (Group 1) for 3yo's trip 1m
WIN: JUST THE JUDGE (IRE) 3 9-0 partner JAMIE SPENCER handler presenter BOB GRACE trainer Charles Hills for Qatar Racing Ltd and the Sangster Family breeder Mrs J Dempsey 16 ran
 2-1f distance One and a half lengths.
RICHARD HUGHES in his Saturday Feature Focus mentioned JUST THE JUDGE was the filly they all had to beat. MAUREEN finished 6th 5 lengths off the winner RICHARD HUGHES in the saddle for Richard Hannon. 11-2.  
JUST THE JUDGE Classic first for Barry's son Charles Hills (trainer). Tracked the pace first 4 furlongs, quickened the tempo from 6 furlongs out pushed along to win easily.Confirming the faith placed in her.

ANDREW BALDING scored an exciting double on Saturday as follows: (Clare’s brother)
Cathy and Hayley, two great little riders.
2:40 WIN: VAN PERCY 3 8-10 partner CATHY GANNON 2-1
Shut in on the rail, gap came late, just managed to get through to win by a nose.

3:35 YOU DA ONE (IRE) 3 8-4  HAYLEY TURNER 8-1


Clare Balding’s
'Secrets of a Suffragette'
8.00pm C4 Sunday May 26th
The Life and Times of Emily Wilding Davison
1872 - 1913 
Emily Wilding Davison, the daughter of Charles Davison (1822–1893) and Margaret Caisley Davison (1848–1918), was born at at Roxburgh House, Vanbrugh Park Road, Greenwich on 11th October, 1872.
After attending Kensington High School (1885–91) she won a place at Royal Holloway College to study literature but two years later she was forced to leave after her recently widowed mother was unable to find the £20 a term fees.
Emily joined the Women's Social and Political Union in 1906. She gradually became more and more involved in WSPU activities and in June 1908, was one of the chief stewards at a WSPU demonstration in London. The following year Emily gave up full-time teaching so that she could devote more of her time to the WSPU. Emily also became involved with the Workers' Educational Association.
THIS EVENING'S DOCUMENTARY “The footage of suffragette Emily Wilding Davison apparently throwing herself under the king’s horse at the 1913 Epsom Derby  is still harrowing and haunting. Davison, a governess turned militant campaigner, became a martyr and the images of her being trampled under foot by thundering hooves, her hat cart wheeling across the course, are seared on a nation’s memory.
But Clare Balding wonders if Emily really intended to commit suicide as one, last desperate act in the fight for votes for women.
She’s undergone nine brutal prison sentences where she was subjected to the unspeakable  barbarism of force-feeding.
After forensic experts re-examined newsreel footage taken from three different angles, Balding’s mouth drops open in shock as Davison’s real intentions became painfully clear. AG

Racing Post Monday May 20 Steve Dennis recounts the tragic events of the infamous Derby of 1913, when the reckless actions of Emily Davison turned her into a martyr for her cause.
“ALMOST exactly 100 years ago, a 40-year-old woman stood among the Derby Day throng at Tattenham Corner, waiting for the horses to come by. She wasn’t interested in the form, she wasn’t bothered about a bet. Instead, she was planning to do something to make everyone take notice, something to make her name resound around the world.
“Her plan was certainly successful, although not in the way she had imagined. As the leading runners sped by, Emily Wilding Davison stepped under the running rail, into the path of the chasing group, into the pages of history."

J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment
Clare unearths the horrific sinister barbaric cruel predicament that Emily Wilding Davison and her associates found themselves to be in, following their school day’s, over approximately the years 1887 - 1913  and how bravely they went about tackling such a predicament. Finding even worse cruelty as they battled for the human rights of the female of the species. The horrific wars however interrupted the female fight to vote, and to have equal status with the male of the species.


The British Establishment Powers That Be in 2013 within the British Political System, the British Legal Justice System, the British Horseracing Government, the Church of England, World Banks, the Police and the Prisons. What have all these parties got to say about any of this, one hundred years on?  These Powers that Be are all found to be wedged, in the horrific barbaric past.  Holding the people of Britain in their evil grip with scant hope for any of us to escape.


The female of the species considered unworthy of a life at all by the male of the species (British Powers that Be) in the years from 1872 throughout to 1913 and on throughout to date 2013, has much changed? One is left to wonder. How have the last one hundred years been for the female of the species? And since all the wars following Emily’s death in June 1913, how has it been for the male of the species as well, sent out to fight in totally horrific circumstances. How can any living beings be expected by ‘the Powers that Be’ to live throughout all that terror?  The ‘British Powers That Be’ today have many questions to answer all need to be called to account over their shockingly cruel evil working practices.



David Ashforth at the Derby Awards 6.12.10
David Ashforth:
Twice voted journalist of the year
PICTURE: Dan Abraham
25. 05. 2013

Lost a fortune on roulette? My advice is to try 17 black.


Pic:  Less is Moore: Sir Michael Stoute and Ryan Moore can always be relied on to keep it brief.
"With the number of questions from readers building up, many about the Derby, it is time to offer some answers. Frankly, some of the questions are stupid. Two readers  ask 'who do you think you are?' when it says quite clearly at the top of the page.

Dear Sir
If there are winning distances of a head, a short- head and a nose, why isn't there one of a short-nose?
Dear Mr P Edant
Good point I've put your question to the BHA. Evidently it's to do with the suicide rate.


Dear Sir
Every time I turn the racing on, my boyfriend turns the television off. What should I do?
Dear Lucy
Change bedrooms.


Dear Sir
I am doing a quiz and wondering if you could help me. How many Epsom Derby winners has Sir Michael Stoute trained?
Dear Quizist
It's a tricky question. Sir Michael Stoute has trained three Derby winners, Kris Kin (2003) North Light (2004) and Workforce (2010). His elder brother, also Michael, but not knighted, won two, with Shergar (1981) and Shahrastani (1986). Good Luck!


Dear Sir
I have always wanted to meet Lord Derby because I live in Derby, which was also named after the race at Epsom. We'd be able to talk about the fact that it's the only race with a place and a lord named after it! I wonder if you could introduce us?
Dear CLot
No it isn't. There's Northumberland and the Duke of Northumberland, both named after the Northumberland Plate. And, no, I couldn't.


Dear Sir
A few years ago they cut the distance of the French Derby to just over a mile and a quarter. Do you think they should do the same to the Epsom Derby? Vive De Gaulle! Vive La France!
Dear General de Gaulle (deceased) Personally I don't think so, but Jim Bolger might be quite keen on the idea, if only for one year.


Dear Sir
I'm so excited. I've arranged to take Wednesday off work to go to the Derby, It's a long time since I last went. How much time should I allow to get there from London?
Dear A Diluvian
You'll find it much changed and won't need to allow any more time than any other weekday. I hope you enjoy your trip.


Dear Sir
I write for a student magazine. They have agreed to let me interview a trainer and jockey for a feature but the article can only be 200 words long, which is ridiculous. Is there any way round this problem?
Dear Alan
Yes, Sir Michael Stoute and Ryan Moore.


Dear Sir
If Joseph O'Brien chooses to ride Battle Of Marengo, why do you prefer Ruler Of The World?
Dear Aidan
That's a very good question, one that I've asked myself several times. It's to do with value and the fact that Joseph and his father may be clueless and not know what they are talking about.


Dear Sir
All this fuss about anabolics. We used to use them all the time for cleaning and it never made us run any faster
Dear Madam
I think you may be thinking of carbolics.


Dear Sir
What do you think of Pontefract's idea of using red, amber and green stickers? Do you think it will catch on?
Dear P Cake
It's a terrific idea. They could usefully put them on horses' rumps. A red sticker to indicate not trying, amber for very trying and green for trying. It would be a big help.


Dear Sir
Why don't they run the Ladies' Derby on the same day as the Epsom Derby any more?
Dear Lady Derby
Because they've got no sense of  decency. It is much to be regretted and stems, no doubt, from the time when the Epsom one was moved from a Wednesday. All is changed, changed utterly. To think that, 35 years ago, Luca Cumani won the Derby with Eastern Spring, at Ripon.


Dear Sir
At Sandown recently, I was rather rude to a jockey about a ride he gave a horse. He punched me and now I have a black eye. Can I sue for damages?
Dear Mr Higginbottom
Possibly. How ugly were you before?


Dear Sir
A fortune teller told me that nine was my lucky number. I have since lost a lot of money at roulette. What should I do?
Dear Mr F Obtee
Tell her that she was wrong. PS. Have you tried 17 black?


Dear Sir
I have always liked Windsor's Monday evening meetings but, at the last one, I lost my house. I don't know how to tell my wife. Have you any advice?
Dear Mr  D Pressed
It's a tricky one. You could try: "Darling, you know you've always said you hate housework?"


Dear Sir
Anything today?
Dear Will N L Earn
You might dip your toe into Sirvino in the 4.00 at York.
Did you get your own Racing Post yesterday?
Did you dare dip your toe in the water and have a £10.00 win bet on SIRVINO at 8-1?
If so, Yes, Yes, Yes.

4.00 York And Ryedale Domestic Appliances Stakes (Handicap) 1m4f . 12 Ran:
WIN: SIRVINO  8 9-2 partner L McNIFF(5) handler presenter? trainer David Barron for Theo Williams and Charles Mocatta 12 Ran. distance 8-1.


1210 11Owner details RULER OF THE WORLD p

Show just how many sections there are that need to work together to provide a properly balanced day out for families to enjoy at the races.

Countdown week to the 2013 British Epsom Derby
Dawn Approach Clear Favourite for 2013 Investec Derby 27/05/13

Please use this join up and scroll down

The unbeaten colt Dawn Approach (ire) features among 15 colts going forward in the 2013 Investec Derby, the premier Classic run at Epsom Downs on Saturday, June 1.

It was the way the 3 year old colt  Dawn Approach and Kevin Manning won the British 2,000 Guineas 2013 over 1m (8 furlongs) at Newnarket, being the main clue that he can win over the Derby distance of 1m 4f  (12 furlongs ) It would be interesting to hear what Dawn Approach's rider Kevin Manning has to say about the distance issue that is causing some concern, plus the poor price offered by bookmakers.
The Horseracing Gambling Game: There are all sorts of other gambling games.
People in Racing  
How does Lord Derby fit into The Epsom Derby?
Is the British Derby named after Lord Derby?
Wondering about introductions at the races. How does one make a request to be introduced to Lord Derby at the races?  Perhaps on Derby Day on Saturday? But will Lord Derby be at the races on this 2013 Derby Day?
How many different Race Distances are there in horseracing?  (furlongs explaned:)
The French Derby Distance:  one and a quarter miles = 10 furlongs
(8 furlongs = 1 mile) (2 furlongs =  a quarter of a mile)
The British Derby Distance:  one and a half miles = 12 furlongs  (4 furlongs = half a mile)
Winning Distances? Or Loosing Distances? Or dead heats?

The Duke of Northumberland. The Northumberland Plate is named after the Duke of Northumberland.

Trainers:  How many Derby's has Sir Michael Stoute won?
How many Derby's did Michael Stoute (trainer) win, before he was knighted?

Derby Day 2013 is run on Saturday June 1st
In the past the  British Derby (run over a mile and a half) was always run on a Wednesday. (now changed to Saturday)
Check out the time of the first race yourself using Racing Post (paper) (online)
Best to arrive at the racecourse at least half an hour before the first race.
Best to ask British rail times for travelling arrangements.

French Derby distance changed from a mile and a half, to a mile and a quarter, throwing a further spanner in the general confusion stakes. It is unlikely that Jim Bolger will be tinkering with any spanners as Derby Day creeps closer and closer. Jim will be concentrating on all thing Equus in his aim to get Dawn Approach safely to Epsom Racecourse.

Student magazine requests 200 words only: Yes, yes, yes!  Equus Zone: Sir Michael Stoute and Ryan Moore are both men of few words. Although a few words to the horse is always helpful. Horses respond well to a persons voice, and the tone of a persons voice: Such as  "Wooo, big fella ... pat on the neck ...  steady, steady, steady now .... easy ....  usually does the trick.

Equus Zone: Join Up Medication Zone:
All this fuss about anabolic steroids?  There need be no fuss about this medication, if that is the British Horseracing Government were attending to their duties within the Equus Zone. They do not have one. Rather like the latest observance hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons over Minister for Education Michael Gove. Heaven help the children, because Gove can't..

Pontefract's  ideas to use red, amber and green stickers to put on horses rumps, to indicate red for not trying, amber for very trying, and green for trying. A better place for stickers maybe, upon BHA disciplinary stewards rumps 'Red for No Equus",  "Amber for Learning Equus",  "Green for acting without Equus". (as at present)  Latest Equus achievers to bite the dust unjustly Sheikh Mohammed, Mahmood Al Zarooni, Eddie Ahern.

Bad Loosers

Mr Higginbottom's plight at Sandown tackling the jockey about a loosing ride. Bad looser, no doubt Mr Higginbottom, but now sporting a black eye into the bargain. Winston Churchill on boarding a train and sitting down in the compartment opposite a lady. It was not long before the lady spoke to Churchill saying "Your Drunk". Churchill replied  "Your ugly, your very ugly, but  I'll be alright in the morning." I digress.

 Epsom Ladies Derby?
Why don't they run the Epsom Ladies' Derby on the same day as the Epsom Derby any more?
Dear Lord Derby ...... where is Lady Derby? ... with Lord Derby it is hoped ... Lady Derby is urgently needed to help sort this one out .... Help ...Help .... Help.  Luca Cumani .... you never won the Epsom Derby at Ripon with Eastern Spring 35 years ago did you? Do Ripon have a Ladies Derby? Where is Epsom's Ladies Derby? The Epsom Oaks 2013 to be run at Epsom on Friday is for three year old fillies only. The four legged variety that is. Very confusing, my word how do we sort this one out? ..... In the early 1970's when the male bastions of the Jockey Club began to grant Flat Turf Riding Licenses to the female of the species. There was immediately found to be an almighty snag, there were no races to ride in. Tetley Tea were called upon hastily to remedy this embarrassing male oversight.

Fortune Tellers.
At Epsom Derby Festival there are always fortune tellers around with lucky heather offers etc. Has anyone ever told an Epsom Down's fortune teller they are wrong, I  am wondering?
Gambling Zone
I don't know how to tell my wife,  I lost my house at Windsor on Monday evening. Have you any advice? It's a tricky one. Very tricky indeed.  No, No No, much more than tricky, a tragedy.
Dipping ones toe in the water and having a small bet. Before taking this step it is best to start with a plan. What is a small bet worth in money to you? To start if you put aside say £100.00 for gambling. Smallest bet £10.00 to win. Medium bet £20.00 to win. Large bet £50.00 to win.
If your first bet stake is £10.00 to win at 8-1  placed on SIRVINO 4.00 at York last Saturday your return £90.00



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