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Newbury Flat Turf
From An Equus Zone Perspective
Taking a much closer look at this race for two year old Colts and Fillies.
The 24 runners who took part in this sprint are all just starting out in their racing careers. All have had from one to seven starts so far.
They will all have started out with a trainer since around October 2012 as yearlings. All have undergone their training to date over the last 10 months with a licensed trainer. Monty Roberts calls this period of time  "Bringing along the Babies" because that is what these 24 runners are 'Babies' just starting out on their career horseracing adventure with much to learn every day.
How their adventure shapes up very much depends upon who works with each one every day. The skill of horsemen is key to what each one of these 24 two year olds will learn. Before reaching a race track for the first time.
 3.50: Weatherbys Super Sprint (Class 2) Winner £122, 925  (5f 34yds) 5f
The Conditions set for this race £250,000 guaranteed For 2yo which were sold or bought in as yearlings by public auction at 'specified sales' or as 2yo up to and including March 1st, 2013, for £47500 or less before July 1st 2012,  or for £50500 or less after June 30th , 2012 (the last sale to govern the price if sold more than once)

Weights colts and geldings 9st 3lb; fillies 8st 12lb Penalties a winner of a Class 2 race 3lb; of a Listed race 5lb; of a Pattern race 8lb; fillies 8st 12lb Penalties a winner of a Class 2

Allowances for each £3000 paid under £50500 1lb (no allowance to take a horse' weight below 8st) (for the calculation of allowances horses sold before July 1st, 2012, an additional £3000 must be added to the horses' auction price)

 Entries 254 pay £450 Ist Forfeit 172 pay £450
2nd Forfeit 84 pay £900 Confirmed 61 pay£450 Penalty value 1st £122,925 2nd £52,275 3rd £24,600 4th £14,750 5th £9,825 6th£7,375
 24 RAN

WIN: 121  PENIAPHOBIA (IRE) 2 8-8 partner PAUL HANAGAN  handler presenter? trainer Richard Fahey for P Timmins and A Rhodes Haulage 5-1
1st Prize:  £122,925  Racing Post Rating 111
2nd: 121  LILBOURNE LASS 2 8-1 partner JIMMY QUINN handler presenter? trainer Richard Hannon for Hon Mrs Sarah Ensor. 4-1f
2nd  Prize £52,275  Racing Post Rating  120
3rd: 61  OASIS TOWN 2 8-0  partner DAVID PROBERT handler presenter? trainer Kevin Ryan for M and S Beaumont, North  O'Farrell and Saunders 20-1
3rd £24,600  Racing Post Rating  104

4th:  1330 HAIKBIDIAC   (IRE) 2 8-12 LIAM JONES handler presenter? trainer William Haggas for SheikhJuma  Dalmook Al Maktoom. 10-1
4th £14,750 Racing Post Rating  104

5th: 1317 ALUTIQ (IRE) 2 8-0 partner CATHY GANNON handler presenter? trainer Eve Johnson Houghton for Qatar Racing Limited 9-2
£9,825   Racing Post Rating  119 

6th 10 ECCLESTON 2 8-4 partner BARRY McHUGH handler presenter? trainer Richard Fahey for David W Armstrong 16-1
£7,375    Racing Post Rating  111

Several trainers had several two year old runners in this race as follows:

Racing Post Ratings as stated in green:
Richard Fahey 
1st Peniaphobia- Paul Hanagan 5-1   experience 3 runs winning twice 121 (111)

6th Eccleston-Barry McHugh 16-1 experience 2 runs winning once 10 (111)
9th Foxy Clarets-William Carson 50-1 experience 1 run finish 3rd 61 (91)
13th Khalice-Richard Thomas 66-1 experience 2 runs winning once 61 (104)
23rd Gym Shoes-Richard Mullen 66-1 experience 1 run placed 4th  (94)


Richard Hannon snr

2nd Lilbourne Lass-Jimmy Quinn 4-1f experience 3 runs winning twice. 121 (120)

17th Biography- Richard Hughes 14-1 experience 4 runs winning once 0214 (99)
18th Bird of Light-Harry Bentley 25-1 experience 1 run one win 1 ( (92)
 Kevin Ryan
3rd Oasis Town-David Probert 20-1 experience 2 runs winning once 61 (104)
7th Yorkshire Relish-Silvestre de Sousa 16-1 experience 2 runs winning once 61 (96)
10th Morning Post-Philip Makin 40-1 experience 2 runs placed twice 32  (91)
20th Proclamationofwar-Neil Callan 50-1 experience 3 runs placed 422  (95)


David Ashforth at the Derby Awards 6.12.10

David Ashforth:
Twice voted journalist of the year
PICTURE: Dan Abraham
Racing Post Saturday July 13th 2013. p21

"If it's tips you want don't ask yesterday's man from Today.

Pic: It Happened Tomorrow: getting tomorrow's news today.

DO YOU want to know who the best tipster is, ever? And who is the worst? If you do, you're in luck, because I'm about to tell you.


The worst tipster in the long, chequered history of tipping featured on Radio 4's Today programme just before 6.30am on Tuesday, when his selections for the day were announced. They made me sit up in bed and turn up my ears. There were two selections, Captain Sharpe in the 2.45 at Newton Abbott and Ginger Jack in the 5.00 at Ayr. Captain Sharpe finished last of  six runners, at 4-1, while Ginger Jack finished fifth of eight, at 7-2.
"That was bad enough but what made the tips memorable was the fact the races were run the previous day. Most punters, asked to tip winners from an earlier day's racing, would do pretty well. For instance, my tips, which Radio 4 are welcome to broadcast this morning, are for Gipsy Rider in the 3.20 at Brighton and Pernica in the 4.10 at Leicester. I predict their odds will be 14-1 and 20-1 respectively, and I recommend a win double, an enormous one. That's how confident I am. It might be best to spread your bets around to reduce the danger of being knocked back.

"If Radio 4's tipster can't pick the winners of races that have already taken place, it does make it difficult to be confident of his ability to do so for races yet to be run.
"Dorothy Paget, the eccentric and regular obnoxious owner of Golden Miller, winner of both the Cheltenham Gold Cup (five times) and Grand National (once), had an arrangement with William Hill which allowed her to sleep during afternoon's racing, and to bet on it when she got up. Luckily, she wasn't a tipster, or she might have been a serious contender for the worst tipster ever, since she still managed to lose a fortune.
"Fortunately for her, she had several spare ones.

"At the other end of the scale, the best tipster ever was an American journalist called Larry Stevens, who worked for The Evening News. Living the dream of many gamblers, Stevens had access to the following day's newspaper, complete with race results. He promptly won $60,000 at the track.
"That was in 1944, when Stevens was better known as Dick Powell, the actor who played the fictitious  character of Stevens in the film It Happened Tomorrow. It was a fantasy, unfortunately. As well as the racing results, Stevens reads of his own death, and is jolly lucky to avoid it. Getting tomorrow's newspaper today isn't all good, although it would still be very welcome.
Now I've got a question for you. If you wanted to develop an electro-optical system for the non contact three dimensional measurement and analysis of change in surface form -which you may well want to-which leading Flat owner would you approach?


"The owner in question raced more than 100 horses and won more than 100 races in Britain last year. His colours, grey with gold stars, are now very familiar. He likes Chester, is regularly interviewed, yet remains something of a mystery. Less so to members of the Coherent and Electro-Optics Research Group at the Liverpool John Moores University.
"If you are not familiar with the work of this group, you may not know that Dr Marwan Koukash's 1987 Ph.D. thesis was entitled "Analysis of Change in Surface Form Using Digital Image Processing', nor that one of several academic papers of which Koukash was joint-author was called "The Measurement of Wear in Dental Restoration using Digital Image Processing Techniques'. If you are worried about the state of your fillings, it might be worth asking Koukash's advice; or you could try a dentist.
"It's a bit late to be offering advice for the open. However, my advice is to make sure you've backed everyone who you'll regret not having backed if they win. There'll be a lot of them , of course, but it's worth loosing a few hundred pounds to avoid the irritation.
"The Open is terrific television . My favourite moment was on the first day when Carl Schwartzel, the 2011 US Masters champion, broke his six iron in anger at the 15th. (Message to Steve Palmer, our man at Muirfield. Please ask Schwartzel if you can have the broken club, so as we can auction it for charity).

J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment

TODAY BBC1 11am -7pm  Golf: the Open. The final day's play at Muirfield. Highlights 12 midnight BBC2.

"Racing Post: Steve Palmer, our man at Muirfield .......

Monday July 22nd 2013
RICHARD HUGHES has this to say in part of his Saturday 20.07.13 feature:
"THE Sky Lantern appeal was lost but you will not hear any of the Sky Lantern team complaining.

"Plenty of people were telling us we had a very good case, just as I'm sure plenty of people were telling Elusive Kate's connections they also had right on their side. We felt we owed it to our filly to give it a go, but at the same time we did not go to London on Thursday in confidence because we knew it would be hard to get the Newmarket verdict overturned.


"I still believe if my filly had been able to run in a straight line she would have gained momentum and flown, just as she flew at the end of the Guineas and Coronation Stakes. She would also have been helped by not being struck in the face.


"That said, I did not envy the panel in what they had to do and I believe we had a perfectly fair hearing. The only disappointment was we lost our deposit, which I think was harsh.


"The case is now closed. Even without the Falmouth, Sky Lantern remains a triple Group 1 winner with a Classic victory to her name. That's enough reason for us to be happy."
British Horseracing Regulators (BHA)
BHA STITCH UP PUNTERS OVER ' Key Interference Issues'. Paul Bittar is he a man or a mouse? Where is he hiding this time? Paul Bittar needs to start doing his job, or hand his pay back and go back to Australia.

 The punters who backed Sky Lantern (Falmouth) and who backed Mukhadram (Coral-Eclipse) are not happy or satisfied. Why should they be? What do they take away from this BHA injustice? What right do the BHA believe that they have to continue on deceiving punters over ' Key Interference Issues'  that everyone in this country who follows horseracing has an absolute right to understand, and know about for themselves. 

eg: Disqualifications (foul-disqualification) (foul-penalty) (foul dangerous interference)  (foul careless interference) (foul interference bad riding) (riding without due care and attention)  (foul taking another horses ground) (foul deadly interference) (red card whip abuse) (yellow card dirty riding) (blue card abusing a horse) (any jockey found hitting another competitors horse either by mistake or on purpose)  (not paying due care and attention)

The charges against Al Kazeem and James Doyle being (foul- deadly interference) (taking another horses ground)  (riding without due care and attention)   The victim Mukhadram, -Paul Hanagan the true winner of this race in these circumstances.

The charges against Elusive Kate-William Buick  (riding without due care and attention)  
(any jockey found hitting another competitors horse either by mistake or on purpose) 
 The true winner of this race Sky Lantern - Richard Hughes in these circumstances.
Tuesday July 23rd 2013 Equus Clues.

DAVID highlights tipsters here, and some of the pitfalls associated with tipsters.. There is certainly no shortage of tipsters that’s for sure. An adventure into tipsters might be the very last thing you need when starting out on your very own horseracing adventure. What you do need to develop is your own observance; learn to find to look for your own clues. Eg: The Clues into finding the winner of the Wokingham on Saturday at Newbury. What were they?  Find out as set out above. And again here.

The first thing you will have learned over the last fortnight is that British horseracing is being regulated ignoring all key interference issues, foul’s, penalties,  in a hostile bloodhorse illiterate environment: “Yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir. Master and Servant Style. Centuries out of Date. This can and does effect all punters as happened in Coral-Eclipse at Sandown Park recently when (dangerous interference') took place stopping Mukhadram, the true winner in these circumstances.
The second thing you need to check out is how to preview a race. The race (clues) used to do that here is the Wokingham for two- year- olds run at Newbury on Saturday as described. (24 ran)

The first thing to observe when previewing this race, there were 3 Trainer Teams with several runners competing for this 2013 running of the Wokingham 5f sprint worth
£122, 925 to the winner.  Richard Fahey, Kevin Ryan and Richard Hannon( snr) This one fact alone narrows the field of 24 down to 12 possible winners.

 RP Ratings cut out more, leaving just these five at the top of the agenda,:
WIN: Peniaphobia great mover length of stride an impressive 2 year old. 5-1. (111)
Lilbourne Lass Second neck very close 4-1 fav: (120)
Alutiq (119) Fifth
Eccleston (111)  Sixth
Lexington Rose (110) 22
The last clue is found within Team Fahey who join up with Paul Hanagan to partner Peniaphobia. Fahey and Hanagan together have a highly successful track record. That Fahey
 runs five in this race with Hanagan booked to ride Peniaphobia. A highly significant final clue.

Thursday July 25th 2013
Peter Scargill's THURSDAY REPORT on racing's attempts to achieve a watertight definition of inside information to use against those who try to gain an unfair advantage.
BHA find themselves all at sea on their 'Inside Information' wave.
Maybe they have just realised that the Bloodhorse Literate 'Inside Information' wave is very different from their Bloodhorse Illiterate 'Inside Information' wave.


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