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Racing Review Outstanding Performance
Ayr Gold Cup
3.50 Win HIGHLAND COLORI (IRE) 5 8-13 partner OISIN MURPHY (5) Team Andrew Balding 20-1 HCap 6f
4.25 Win LEVITATE 5 8-7 partner OISIN MURPHY (5)
Team John Quinn 5-1jf  H'Cap 1m
5.00 Win SILVER RIME 8 8-6 partner OISIN MURPHY (5)
Team Linda Perratt 20-1. HCap 7f  
5.35 Win COCKNEY SPARROW 4 9-1 partner OISIN MURPHY (5)
Team John Quinn 5-2f HCap 1m5f

racing PLUS
The Weekend Cards in Time Order
ROBERT COOPER I'm expecting Highland fling
Win: Ayr Gold Cup Highland Colori
Yes yes yes Robert 20-1
Dave Youngman our man in Newmarket for open day tomorrow
David Ashforth at the Derby Awards 6.12.10
David Ashforth:
Twice voted journalist of the year
PICTURE: Dan Abraham
Racing Post Saturday September 21st 2013

Blood, sweat, tears and the newsagents
Pic: Newsagent 'Jay' always has a Racing Post handy

"LET us not praise famous men, let us praise newsagents. Newsagents are wonderful. For 45 years I've been wandering through their front doors and there waiting for me, miraculously , isthe Racin Post. It used to be The Sporting Life but now it's the Racing P ost.
"Supermarkets and petrol stations have taken their toll, so you have to walk further to find a newsagent than you used to, but they are worth cherishing, and celibrating. So, a toast to Yesudhasan Jayadhas and his charming wife Juliet Jasmine, who hand me the papers with a smile (see photograph for evidence) each day.
"Jayadhas, who has a nice, wry sense of humour, came to Britain eight years ago from Southern India. He had a shop in Edinburgh. A year ago, he and his wife took over the Mounties Convenience Store in Cirencester, and very convenient it is. They open from 5.30am to 10.00pm, seven days a week, and they do it with extraordinary cheerfulness and good humour, which is a bit of a lesson for the rest of us. It is nice to be greeted with a smile, and they have big ones.

 "The good thing about it is that we can both work here, " says 'Jay' , "The bad things are the long hours and being responsible for the shop the whole time, "
"For insomniacs like me, it's great. You can get the Racing Post early and a tin of baked beans late. The wonderful thing about baked beans is that you don't have to bother to heat them up. Chocolate buttons are the same. But I digress.

"Before Mounties, there was McColl's where Andrea, Caroline and Sandra kept a Racing Post behind the counter for me religiously, and Sandra giggled a lot and occasionally wore flashing reindeer antlers and purple nail varnish. Long before that, in Taplow, there was Harbhajan Singh Dhariwal, a gentle, kind man, and his wife Bhupinder, whose unique tale I have told before.
"The family came from Punjab but moved to Kenya, where Dhariwal's father was a bookmaker and the first Asian in Kenya to own a racehorse.

 "In 1945, Jarabub won the East African Derby and Kenya St Leger for him. Strange to think that, because of discrimination against Kenyan Asians during the 196o's, Dhariwal ended up selling Racing Posts in Berkshire.
 " Running a newsagent and grocery store is hard work but, at least today, it  compares favourably with being bookmaker Balthazar Fabricius , possibly named after Lawrence Durrell's idiosyncratic novel, the second part of the Alexandria Quartet. If Balthazar  and his wife Beanie have two daughters to go with their existing two sons, they could be called Justine and Clea, after two other quarters of the quartet.
"Fabricius, son of Goodwood's former managing director Rod Fabricius and co-founder of Fitzdares, bookmaker to the wealthy, will be stepping into a boxing ring tonight at Grosvenor House Hotel. He'll definitely be alive when he goes in. After that we can only hope.
"Countless punters want to bash their bookied but the privilege of doing it literally falls to Arthur Landon. It doesn't sound much of a name, but Landon, friend of Prince William and Prince Harry, could easily afford to buy a different one, with as many letters as he likes, because Landon made a tremendous choice of parents.
 "Said to be worth over £200 million, Landon is the son of the late and colourful Brigadier Tim Landon, who made a fortune backing the right side in Oman and married Princess Katalina Esterhaze de Galantha. There aren't many of those about now.
 "Landon makes films. If Fabricius is going to fight a filmmaker, he'd have been better off challenging Woody Allen, even though in 1966, Allen got into a boxing ring himself.
 "Not any obvious pugilist, Allen introduced himself  as "a guy who can handle his fists pretty good"  and his opponent as "the Australian light-heavyweight champion" , a kangaroo.

"Anyway, if Fabricius has got any sense (he probably hasn't) he'll pretend to slip and hurt himself early in the first round. The same probably applies to Landon. They could both be counted out without a blow landed..

"It's all in aid of a range of charities and, among others, Fabricius is supporting Prostate Cancer UK, a charity dear to my ex-prostate,  which explains why I'm hiring a dinner jacket for tonight's Boodle Boxing Ball. I already have visions of taking it back and explaining, "Yes, I know it's got blood on it, but it's almost royal blood. Well , a bit of semi-royal and a bit of bookmaker. "

Balthazar Fabricius – Day 1
With a boxing match to train for and baby twins at home, bets are on for an adrenaline-fuelled day for the bookmaker

"If you would like to make a donation, you can do it by going to
 "Meanwhile back in the real world (I don't recommend it) , no, I don't know what's going to win the William Hill Ayr Gold Cup.

J. Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment (JMC)
David,  "If you would like to make a donation, you can do it by going to

 Irish-British Global Lightweight Flat Turf Jockey Des Cullen has been battling prostate cancer over the last few years. Doctors treating it with pills. In remission for a while.
The National Health Doctors set up in the Newbury/Basingstoke area do not join-up to act to provide any real support in cases as this. So as those struggling with it can stay in their own homes when times get tough. The fear of other people taking charge of your life, for you, behind your back,  taking you to places that you do not want to go to the worst senario of all. Mental cruelty.

"Meanwhile back in the real world (I don't recommend it) , no, I don't know what's going to win the William Hill Ayr Gold Cup. "
Team Balding Hot Hot Hot

The green green grass of home


Zenyatta at the 2005 September Yearling Sale
Uploaded on 22 Oct 2010
Zenyatta - did reach for the stars and fulfill her destiny...
she fought and ran....never giving up until she crossed the finish line....she over came unbelievable obstacles....It was truly the most amazing thing I have Ever witnessed. She has been My Forever Queen since I first laid eyes on her. When I draw my last breath I will think of her....
And STILL UNBELIEVEABLE 19 for 20 at Churchill Downs.running "where the brave dare not go"... 
 All depends on who the handler rider is from day one, and every day thereafter.
Zenyatta The Impossible Dream came true Z-2010-

TVG Zenyatta Montage - All 19 Wins

Zenyatta triumphant in 2009 debut
Uploaded on 23 May 2009

larryzapeye brings you Eclipse award Champion Zenyatta in her 2009 her first race as a racemare, Zenyatta toys with the competition in the grade 2 Milady Hcp at Hollywood Park...Zenyatta is now 10 for 10...what a racehorse...thanks to the Moss's for bringing Zenyatta back...narrated by Larry Zap...enjoy

 Zenyatta wins the 2009 Breeders Cup Classic
 Uploaded on 7 Nov 2009

Undefeated Zenyatta becomes the first female to win the Breeders' Cup Classic on Saturday, November 7 at Santa Anita.
Zenyatta and her little miracle (foal)

2 video  
Published on 2 Aug 2012
Foal Handling with Monty Roberts

Song The Police - Every Breath You Take

  all horses are very observant they know in a flash who the people are around them and act accordingly .

Song The Police - Every Breath You Take (With Lyrics)

foal handling Stephen Halfpenny 

Monday September 23rd 2013
Zenyatta in foal to War Front could be her third foal.

Zenyatta's second foal's birthday April 1st 2013
Zenyatta's second foal by Tapit (Colt)
Zenyatta delivered her first foal, a Bernardini colt recently named Cozmic One, in March 2012. She delivered her second foal, a Tapit colt, on April 12013 The mare and her two offspring are boarded at Lane's End Farm in Versailles for owners Jerry and Ann Moss.
Zenyatta's first foal 's birthday March 8th 2012
Zenyatta's first foal by Bernardini 
Colt named Cozmic One
 On the evening of March 8, 2012, Zenyatta gave birth to a striking dark bay colt named Cozmic One. With parents like his, this colt was born to be in the spotlight. 


David Ashforth:

A distinguished and compassionate horseracing journalist of international repute.
David a travelling  horseracing journalist over the last 45 years with Racing Post and before that with Sporting Life now online.

List of British racecourses

Whyte, James Christie (1840). History of the British turf, from the earliest period to the present day, Volume I.London: H. Colburn. Retrieved 1 May 2013.

Why did David's working day,  start with a trip to the Newsagents? No matter from
 where he found himself working in Britain, from which racecourse his career that particular
 day took him, started at a newsagent to pick up his own Racing Post for that day, to enable
him to work accurately throughout that day, using the info therein.
The Daily Racing Post Newspaper
 The Racing Post David's working template every day over 45 years. It contained all the racecards for every racemeeting taking place on that day. It also contained all the horseracing results from the previous day's racing. Plus much more besides. Key info relevant to the sport of horseracing.
BULL the biography
Howard Wright




Other than within the actual EQUUS ZONE.  Phil Bull and his Timeform adventure echo 
has educated the racing public like no other to date.
Phil Bull has probably done more for global horseracing than at present is fully recognised.

THE RACING POST  is more than a newspaper. It carries with it each day the horseracing
gambling game racecards  without which horseracing could not exist as we know it today. It
further carries with it all the results from the previous days racing.  It could be said that the
Racing Post Previews each days horseracing, and Reviews the results of each days
horseracing enabling  anyone who wants to take part and play the gambling horseracing
game to do so. Enter the bookmakers only a phone call away. Enter the local racecourse
where anyone can see the horses and place a cash bet with bookmakers themselves.

The reality being that it is the EQUUS ZONE that continues to remain unrecognised in its true perspective. A true Equus Zone financially plundered ongoing over decades providing massive financial gain for the above three parties undetected. A corrupt British Legal Justice System RIPPING OFF the British people every day, failing to provide an honest service for anyone. Mental cruelty on a massive scale.

Pam Ayres
The Works contains 120 of Pam Ayres’ best-known poems from the seventies and eighties, including ‘The Battery Hen’, ‘Please Will You Take Your Children Home Before I Do Them In?’, ‘Sling Another Chair Leg on the Fire, Mother’ and, of course, ‘Oh, I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth’. 

Graham Cunningham Forthright views every Friday
International rules body sorely needed - Thorny issues of interference.

 Animal Kingdom Intelligent Bloodhorse Literacy


« 1:00» Santa Anita (USA) SUNDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER 2013
Zenyatta Stakes (Grade 1) (3yo+ Fillies & Mares) (Dirt) (3yo+)


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