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A smart performance from French 2 year old filly Vorda
HANNON TEAM had good reason for their confidence in SKY LANTERN who looked the best we have ever seen her to date, she has her own little happy character and  a jaunty little step, her beauty shone throughout her performance a great compliment to Team Hannon.
Sparks successful nationwide gamble on Cambridgeshire winner Educate


David Ashforth at the Derby Awards 6.12.10
David Ashforth:
Twice voted journalist of the year
PICTURE: Dan Abraham
Racing Post Saturday September 28th 2013 P18
Time to tee up Cambridgeshire winner - but first a quick nap.

Pic: "Wolverhampton: the spirit of co-operation between the US and Iran gives hope for a bridging of the divide over the refurbished Polytrack surface

"MAN cannot live on grapefruit alone, unless he's on the same diet as me, in which case he can, just. It's a jolly good diet based, roughly on abandoning everything you like and replacing it with long interludes of starvation occasionally interrupted by a boiled egg and half a grapefruit. Two weeks later you weigh less but have lost all affection for eggs and grapefruit.
"I see that, while I was away on a golfing (and dieting) holiday, there was a bit of a stink about the Inglenook Plate (Division 11) at Pune in India. I know because the Pune Mirror reported that "punters smelt a stink" . The stink arose from the fact that Rocking, trained by Hormuz Antia, came first, at 20-1, while stablemate Midnight Wind, who bled, came last, at 2-1 favourite.
Indian Warning:
Videos are the property of the Royal Western India Turf Club Ltd. Illegal copying, broadcasting and/or communication to the public in any form is prohibited. Offenders shall be liable to damages and prosecution.

"Punters were in favour of enforcing Matthew chapter 20 verse 16- "The  last shall be first and the first last " - and expressing their dissatisfaction  by going beserk and demanding their money back. (See also The Ice Magic Plate (Division 1) at Mahalaxmi  on February 17, when Ice Age, also trained by Hormuz Antia, ridden by Martin Dwyer, was declared a non runner after also bleeding, and also losing, when 6-4 favourite.) The stewards, possibly being unfamiliar with the New Testament, rejected the demand.
Indian Warning:
Videos are the property of the Royal Western India Turf Club Ltd. Illegal copying, broadcasting and/or communication to the public in any form is prohibited. Offenders shall be liable to damages and prosecution.
"Meanwhile, 4,631 miles away, at Wolverhampton, controversy surrounded the state of the recently refurbished Polytrack surface, which now advertises itself, as well as the horses, as "standard to slow" .  Dangerous Bloodhorse illiteracy at work again..
"In the nursery, Roger Charlton's 7-2 favourite Sandy Cove finished seventh to Marco Botti's More Aspen, at 11-2, and in the maiden fillies' race, Charlton's 9-4 favourite Pageant Belle finished fourth to Botti's Nova Princess, at 16-1. Charlton condemned the kickback as "diabolical"  but Fergus Cameron, the clerk of the course, considered it to  be "fine" . It's a big gulf to bridge but if presidents Obama and Rouhani are willing to give it a go with Iran's nuclear situation (according to Obama, "diabolical" , according to Rouhani, "fine") maybe the Charlton-Cameron divide isn't unbridgeable. Dangerous Bloodhorse Illiteracy at work again and again.
"I don't know what Botti, who went on to score a 442-1 treble, though of the kickback but he was probably more content than either Charlton or the punters, who watched Monzino, at 25-1, win the getting-out stakes by a neck from the 5-4 favourite Exclusive Waters. Luckily, there weren't  enough racegoers at Wolverhampton to launch a riot. Dangerous Bloodhorse illiteracy at work again, and again, and again. Any and all blinding kick back is highly dangerous and totally unacceptable.
"GOLFING is a bit like punting because every now and again you get two things right and think you may not be completely hopeless after all, and briefly acquire misplaced confidence in your ability to extend your successful sequence. In golf this feeling is dispelled by the sight of your ball settling down behind a tree; !!!! ( yes very funny I'm sure.) in punting, by the sight of your jockey easing down two furlongs out. Is it? Golf? My father a dentist played a lot of Golf with Gordon Smyth at Goodwood. But my father knew nothing about all the work skills that need to be achieved every day with a racehorse in training before he can ever compete in a race. Watching the Cambridgeshire unfold on Saturday at Newmarket with all 35 runners , it crossed my mind that very few people would ever realize what a lot  of work it took to get those 35 horses prepared for that one race alone.
"You should have used a seven iron (Ruler Of The World)  instead of a nine iron (Libertarian) although, if you had, you'd probably have sliced it. (if you'd backed Ruler Of The World for the Derby he wouldn't have won).
"I know it's unseemly to brag but the fact is that, at the South Herefordshire Golf Club, home to an incredible number of daddy long-legs and mushrooms. I won my tournament by six shots, with the next best player 12 shots further adrift. There weren't any players behind me.

Those big bags of golf clubs must be heavy to  manoeuvre from Tee to Tee. Especially if you are wasting and feeling fragile with no energy. AND knowing which one is best to use to get your ball out of one of those bunkers? What happens if you hit your ball and it lands high up in a trees branches?

"People made a fuss of Phil Mickelson when he won this year's Open at Muirfield but he won by only three shots, which was half as good.  The South Herefordshire, like Muirfield, is 71 par course and I mastered it in 110. It's tempting to have a lesson.

Golf is all about handicaps isn't it? Pa this, and pa that? Not as in Grandpa but as in Par? The Global Rules of the Sport of Golf, as of the Global Rules of the Sport of Tennis are undoubtedly the same globally, not like the Global Rules of the Sport of Horseracing which do not exist. That is strange is it not? How can Global Jockeys be punished for breaking the Rules of Global Horseracing when there are no Global Rules of Horseracing in the first place?

"But I digress. As I told myself after taking 11 on the second, that's the past, now to the future. Roughly translated, this means shut up about that 25-1 shot that would have won you three grand if it hadn't just been beaten a nose and sort out the next at Newmarket.
"In my experience , sorting anything out at Newmarket is difficult and trying to unravel the Betfred Cambridgeshire is a gauntlet best picked up when young. In your 20's it's possible  to approach a field of 35 with relish; in your 60's it's difficult to give the bottom 15 in the handicap the attention they deserve, especially if diverted by an afternoon nap.
"Don't correct me if I am wrong but I'm pretty certain that, if the winner comes from those bottom 15, very few punters over 60 will have backed it. Victory for Top Notch Tonto or Graphic will be a disaster for the nation's senior citizens.
"BALTHAZAR FABRICIUS, co-founder of bookmaker Fitzdares, finished second in his fight with Arthur Landon at last Saturday's Boodle's Boxing Ball but he was very gutsy and raised almost £20,000 for charity. Well done."  
"Next week only in the Racing Post:
McCririck -  V -  Channel 4
David Ashforth Reports from the courtroom every day.

J. Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment (JMC)

JOHN McCRIRICK having the guts to stand up and fight for what he believes in. Yes, yes yes if more of us did this Britainwould not be in the Rip-Off State it is in now. Government's failed working practices exposed.

JOHN McCRIRICK has developed his whole career and lifetime contributing to global pioneering horseracing within the Punters Zone Environment. Global Horseracing should be thanking him for his huge contribution, learning from his experience, not destroying his career and life for ever as now. Is this how the present Team Channel 4 Horseracing personnel can expect to be treated as well?

David Ashforth watches as the events unfold in tribunal room 4 day 1. Page 7 . 


David Ashforth with a front - row seat at the tribunal day 2. Page 4 .

"While McCririck hands out his witness statement, Beverley [his solicitor] advises him against doing so. McCririck ignores his advice. "
McCririck: "C4 did not object to 'pantomime' act.
'All the concerns they bring up, they never raised'

David Ashforth reports from the tribunal day 3. Page 5 .

McCririck:  "my home is on the line if case fails. "

"New bosses picked on the older presenters"

"Left exhausted and hungry by the gravitas of the situation. "


David Ashforth finds the tribunal a duller place without the plaintiff in the stand room day 4. Page 5.

 "Fireworks fail to spark with star player on the bench."



David Ashforth watches as the events unfold in tribunal room day 5. Page 7.

"Seems like we're all in the aging process. "

J Margaret Clarke this is about what is right and what is wrong.
This should not be a character opinion assassination . This is about a man who has held the same job over 29 years, a man who has been given the sack unjustly due to ageism.

CH4 9am to 10am this morning
A round-up of the latest NFL matches. Repeated tomorrow  6.35am. CH4

American Football Hardest tackles in history 

Top 10 Global Jockeys of all-time
Stan Bush
My list of the greatest jockeys of all time, let me know what you think?

BBC 4: 9.00pm New Mark Lawson Talks to Bob Geldof
"The musician and fundraiser talks about his life and career, from the formation of the Boomtown Rats in the mid-1970's to his work with Band Aid and Live Aid. He reflects on his band getting together again for the first time in over 25 years, his activism, family and personal traumas."

'We’re facing a mass extinction event,' claims Bob Geldof

Live Aid founder and activist Bob Geldof has warned that the human race may be extinct within 15 years because of climate change.

2:26PM BST 03 Oct 2013




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