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Catch up with Turfcall's two Trainer Teams this Jumps Season to follow 2013-2014
 Mullins (IRE) and Henderson (GB)

Racing Post Record by race type

Racing Post  Record by race type

David Ashforth at the Derby Awards 6.12.10
David Ashforth:
(writer media zone)

Twice voted journalist of the year
PICTURE: Dan Abraham

Racing Post Saturday December 14th Page 17.

"Highest course, loudest caller and tall jockeys - all your questions answered. "
Pic: "The taller the better: at six foot, George Baker is the perfect height to be a successful  Flat jockey. "


"SO MANY unanswered questions. Why does the washing turn everything inside out? Why is the thing I'm looking for always  in the very last pocket I look in? Why, all those decades ago, did Simian have to fall at the last fence at Ascot? And where have Daily Poppins got to? Oh, it's okey, they've arrived, which reminds me of another question. If  you had to either cook dinner or clean the bath, which would you do? I'd clean the bath but a lot of people would prefer to cook. Anyway, it's up to you. I'm cleaning the bath. You can do what you like.


"As 2013 expires, the questions have been building up. Soon we'll be into the year when there'll be massive coverage of the centenary of the start of the First World War and of the founding of the American Horseshoe Pitchers' Association. So now is a good time to answer some of your pressing questions.


1. What is the best height for a Flat jockey? It is possible to be fairly short and still be successful but, ideally, you should be at least 5ft 10ins tall, like champion Richard Hughes, or 6ft, like George Baker. If you are less than about 5ft 8ins it's hopeless and you'd bee better off playing basketball.


2. Paul Bittar, the BHA's chief executive, is Australian. Jamie Stier, the BHA's director of raceday operations, is Australian. Do we really have to go to the other side of the world to find someone suitable? Yes.


3. I have been playing roulette on the machines in the betting shops and keep losing. What should I do? Have you tried numbers 7 and 9?


4.  (a) Which is the highest racecourse in Britain? Exeter is the highest racecourse in the land. " (b) Which is the highest Racecourse in Britain? Bath. To quote Bath racecourse's website: "Bath is the highest racecourse in  Britain. " (c)  Which is the highest Racecourse in Britain? Hexam. To quote a local website: Hexham: Hexam racecourse is the highest National Hunt course in the UK. "


5. How do you spell Silviniaco Conti? Silviniaco Conti.


6. How do you spell Ashforth? Ashford.


7. Through no fault of my own (I am a very unlucky punter) I have lost my house and my wife. Have you any advice? You could ask your bookmaker how much you would have to pay to get your wife back.


8. What do the form figures 000000E stand for? It means that, after  six unplaced runs, the horse was eaten, possibly by the Princess Royal.


9. Horseracing's going to the dogs, isn't it? Not at Towcester. The dogs are going to horseracing there.


10. Gorgeous, isn't she, that Hayley Turner? Yes.


11. Gorgeous, isn't he, that Tony Mc Coy? No.


12. Last week, I bought a horse out of a selling race at Wolverhampton and am wondering which trainer to send it to, with a view to racing it on the all -weather through the winter. Can you suggest someone please? Yes. If I were you I'd approach Sir Michael Stoute. He may be on holiday in Barbados but I'm sure he'd welcome a call.


13. Who is the loudest race commentator in the country? A toss- up between Ian  'Bawler' Bartlett and Mark 'Megaphone' Johnson. The deafer I become, the more I'll appreciate them.


14. I have been betting all my adult life and never had a winning year. I am now 71. What should I do? Hope for reincarnation and try to to do better next time.


15. Do you have Mahmood Al Zarooni's address? It's just that I haven't trained a winner for four months and thought he might be able to help. No I'm sorry I don't have his address. You could try Lance Armstrong.


16. I often go to a betting shop intending to bet on horses but get distracted by the gaming machines and end up missing all the racing. Have you got any advice to help stop me doing this? Yes. Decide how much you are likely to loose on the machines, take the money to the counter and ask them to accept it in return for not allowing you to play roulette. That will leave you free to watch racing.


17. Have you ever noticed there is a double z in Tizzard and a double b in Webber? I find it fascinating and wonder if there are any others. Sherwood, Moore, Morris, Fanning. Sorry but I'm getting bored now. Get a life.


18. My trainer keeps telling me that my horse has "got a leg" . What does he mean? It means that he's made a good start and only needs three more before he's ready to race.

19. Anymore questions? No, I think that's it. "


J. Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment (JMC) 
Festive Fun this Christmas
Starting in Monday's Racing Post 
"Can David Ashforth win £1,000 by Christmas? Find out as he takes on the bookies and attempts to win loads-a-money for charity. "


Catch up with Turfcall's two Trainer Teams to follow this Jumps Season 2013-2014
 Mullins (IRE) and Henderson (GB)



David Ashforth  returns with his week long annual quest as he goes head with the bookies for charity.
"THEY  never come back. Well, how about Lazarus, and what were the odds against that?
"Anyway, for good or ill (I probably will be), I'm returning to the fray for a final session of Grab A Grand and another attempt to win £1,000 for charity by battling with the elements and bookmakers at Plumption and Ludlow, Towcester and Uttoxeter. I expect it will rain/frost/hail/snow/tornado all week and it'll be Wolverhampton and Southwell; Newcastle if the all-weather track is laid quickly.
 "Evidently the new big screen  at Wolverhampton  is terrific.  It's from China, where the pottery comes from. I quite like Wolverhampton. Pity about the track.
"Now comes the best bit, where I can wallow in past glories and remind readers (yet again) that, during Grab A Grand 2003,  I backed  a 100-1 winner, Cetti's Warbler. Have you ever done that? No, of course you haven't. My case rests. 
"Between 2002 and 2011, I reached my target of £1,000 five times and showed a total net profit of £4,990. My best year was 2003, with a profit of £2,300, and my worst was 2011, when I lost £995.  A bit like life , it all seems a long time agp. I didn't do it last year. I can't remember why not ; forgot, I suppose. Oh, no, I remember. I'd retired.
"There are some racecourses one associates with winning (a short list) and others one associates with losing (a long list). I don't mean to be unkind, but the sooner they close Newmarket (both courses) and Goodwood, the better, as it's impossible to make money there. Mercifully, there's no jump racing at Newmarket or Goodwood this week.
"Pondering this week's meetings, Towcester, Exeter, Uttoxeter and Wolverhampton are on the favoured short list, and everywhere else is on the fatal long list.
"It's an unscientific division because I don't keep records of my betting. Tou make yourself feel worse than you do already?
"Weather permitting, I'm kicking off at Plumpton, followed by Southwell, Ludlow, Towcester, and Uttoxeter. If things go badly, I might divert to Beachy Head.
"The Racing Post is standing any losses (if it had a share price, it would have just gone down) and any profits will be shared between Racing Welfare and Prostate Cancer UK. Good. I'm looking forward to it and will chart my progress in these pages every day this week.   





       Puzzle suggests a long struggle in store. .... 

 David Ashforth's week-long quest to win £1,000 for charity, this week -  before Christmas ... ... Can David achieve this? Get your Racing Post all this week and find out how he is getting on. See Page 8 in the Racing Post today.

"SAY not the struggle nought availeth. After all, I haven't started yet. It's raining at Plumpton. Andrew Thornton is just about to run around the track Maybe no-one has told him that it's a long way, and quite hilly. He thinks Itoldyou will improve and has a good chance of winning the very long chase at 1.45pm. Good. It's nice to have someone to blame.

"Racing starts so early you know your fate by lunchtime. It's tempting to put £8,000 on Rock on Ruby and have done with it. £8,000, and a coronary. Mercifully, I haven't got £8.000 and no one seems keen to lend it to me, but I have got £33 so, on Betfair, I put £11 win and £22 place on Torero at 33-1 and 7.6-1 respectively in the opening novice hurdle, and later have £10 each- way with Sam Harris, at 33-1. I could explain why but it would take too many words and you probably wouldn't agree anyway. Just take my word for it, Torero's got a better chance than its odds suggest.

"If Chase the Wind had run better in a hot maiden hurdle at Newbury last month he'd be worth a decent crack at it, he's worth £80 win at 2-1, I hope.

"Trainer Warren Greatrex doesn't know why Chase the Wind didn't run better at Newbury.


"We're going to ride him differently this time, " he says. I wait for him to say:  "This time we're going to have him reach the winning post first, " but he doesn't.


"Hang on while I go and look at the horses in the parade ring; check they've got the right number of ears and legs, that kind-of- thing. Yes, they all have. Racecourse announcer Milton John's mellifluous tones waft across the course. It's rather soothing.
"In case you don't know already, Chase The Wind is a rather disappointing fourth but Torero is a creditable third, so all's well with the world. It will be even weller if Marcilhac fails to finish in the first three in the longer novices' hurdle.
"Have you seen him?  He's  huge. I know Venetia Williams' French import has some decent chasing form to his strange name but he looks every hand (and, there are lots of them) a chaser. Also, he's been gelded since his last run, so I've layed him for a place, £33 at 1.14-1.
"If you've got a notebook, put Marcilhac in it. He runs very well. finishing second and will be interesting over fences.
"Former trainer Toby Balding is here to see if Kastani Beach can beat Itoldyou and the others. Current trainer Seamus Mullins has some encouraging words. The words are-"the ground suits, the trip suits, he had a lovely pop round at Lingfield last time. " In my book, that translates into £20 each-way. Itoldyou runs well for a long way and also doesn't win.
"Life can be so disappointing . Never mind, there's the amateur riders' race at Wolverhampton coming up. I've always liked them. Oh , no, Unex Michelangelo is 4-1 when I was hoping he would be 10-1. Now he's 9-4 which, even with  the splended Serena Brotherton on board, is silly, so I back Flag Of Glory at 20-1 and Just A Pound at 33-1, instead. That turns out to be silly, too.
"The sweetie kiosk is always a source of comfort, and calories. A bar of Aero;  it's quite nice, if you like holes.
"Night Of Passion had one of my blobs next to it in a, how shall I put it, a not terribly good stayers' hurdle, but the 7-4 puts me off. Instead, I back that nice old grey plodder Sea Cadet, who runs a brave race to finish fourth. He's getting a bit old. I know how he feels.
"What's that saying about a 7-4 winner is better than a 10-1 each-way loser? Thank God it's the Racing Post's money.
"Serious punters will have noticed something. Discipline and selectivity are not very apparent. Well, they're not apparent at all. What I mustn't do is chase. Right, lets look at the next.
"They're not very good but someone loves them.
"It's Our Phylli Vera for me in the getting out stakes, but when I ask Wayne Hutchinson, one of my favourite jockeys, what he thinks, he's worried about the groung. So I back Pagham Belle, instead, who has Daryl Jacob to help today.
"A man called Trevor comes up and kindly gives me £10 to put on something, so I add it to my Pagham Belle, 'investment' . Our Phylli Vera won cosily. Oh, no. First Syria, then this. -

"I'm slightly ashamed to say I laid Jillywinks and backed s tablemate Pearl Noir instead. He isn't likely to become a sire, either, not least because he's a gelding. When Pearl Noir hung on to win by a neck, I was ridiculously pleased., considering I'm supposed to be aiming  at £1,000 and, as far as betting to win is concerned, only had £22 on the winner. That's pathetic , isn't it?


"The trouble is,  I used to have betting nerves of steel  and  now a days I have nerves of silk. Still. I haven't actually fancied anything strongly yet. There's still plenty of time, and only"£962 to go. Ludlow tomorrow. Easy.

THE Racing Post is standing any losses and any profits will be shared between Racing Welfare and Prostate Cancer UK. Today it's on to Southwell.
At the end of all that, yesterday, David lost just £42.42
(after commission where applicable)
Plumpton 12.10
£80 win Chase The Wind 2-1 lost £ 80
£10 ew  Torero 33-1                 won £ 56
£11 win Torero 32-1                 lost  £  11
£22 place Torero 7. 6-1           won £160
Plumpton 1.15
Layed Marcilhac for place £33
at 1.14-1                                        lost £37.62
Plumpton 1.45
£20 ew Kastani Beach 5-1         lost £37.62
Wolverhampton 1.55
£11 win Flag Of  Glory 19.5-1          lost £11
£15 win Flag Of  Glory 3.9-1           lost £15
£11 win Just A Pound 33-1              lost £11
£15 place Just A Pound 33-1 6.5-1 lost £15
Plumpton 2.20
£20 ew Sea Cadet 10-1                     lost £40
Plumpton 2.55
Layed Bobbits Way for place £42.20
at 33-1                                                  won £42.20
Plumpton 3.30
£20 ew Pagham Belle 6-1                   lost  £40
Grand total                                     lost £42.42




All Weather Track (AW) (Flat)

(after commission where applicable)
"Nerves of steel now nerves of silk but plenty of time yet. "

Pic: "David Ahforth horsing around with trainer Jo Hughes and her husband Paul Blockley at Southwell yesterday. Paul fits David up with his lucky cap, yes,. yes, yes David, good luck for today, your day at Ludlow Jumps Turf this afternoon.

"WHEN you arrive at Southwell there's a sign pointing to both the racecourse and the workhouse. Having studied the card, I can see why. Far be it for me to complain (complaint coming up) but, as well as handicaps full of horses who don't seem to get out of bed on the same side twice in a row, there's a fascinatingly bad maiden race. The highest-rated horse, Jillywinks, is on 58, but doesn't deserve to be. On the other hand she is owned by Jilly Cooper and Friends. Is that Jilly  'Blockbuster'  Cooper, the author of Score! and The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous? I hope so.

"But I digress. Monday's effort at Plumpton was pathetic. Am I  a man or a mouse? I need to pull my socks up and gird my loins, although I'm  not sure how you do that (the girding bit - I can still pull my socks up myself) Anyway, I'm determined to put my neck on the block, despite the likely consequences, so I've launched myself at the amateur riders' hurdle at Catterick.  Later, I expect to launch myself at other frightening puzzles. (Another of my  mothers sayings as well as 'pull your socks up ' was  "use your gumption" . Gumption was the stuff she used to clean the bathroom with.  She never taught us kids anything about money.  Ever. Or how to place a bet. Or what to look for in a racehorse before placing a bet.  Nothing like that. I didn't call her Mum.  I called her Bet. Bet was frightened, terrified of horses.  However did she get a daughter like me, I am wondering. I digress.

"At about 15-2, Queen Of  Epirus seems overpriced to me and has the promising Jamie Hamilton to help.

"Win and place, I could win as much as £450, or loose as much as  £110. Hold on a minute and I'll tell you which it is. Yes, you were right. I knew I should have brought some anti-depressants.

"The blob system (big blob for big chance, small blob for small chance)  leads to Beachwood Bay (medium blob) carrying my hopes and fears in the opening encounter at beautiful sunny Southwell. I have £40 win at 5-2 and £111 for a place at just over evens. Beachwood Bay looks as if he might win then doesn't, but comes second, so that'd alright.

"The good thing is it gives me the chance to meet trainer Jo Hughes and her husband Paul Blockley, fresh from their Breeders' Cup Marathon triumph with London Bridge, viewed from a betting shop in Swindon. They think  six furlong might be a furlong  too short for Hot Stock in the nursery.


Earlier, Luke Morris, who's car must need its tyres changing every few weeks, offers encouragement for Definite Secret. " She's no world-beater ," he says.  Then he says something else but I can't find my notes. Whatever it was it prompts me to back it and, Morris 's perseverance, Definite Secret later sneaks third place.

"If Absent Amy acts on Fibresand she's got a good chance of winning the mile handicap, but will she? Jockey Haley Turner refers me to trainer Amy Weaver, who says: "If she goes on the surface she'll have a massive chance,  which is what owner Nigel Hardy thinks. If there was anyone else to ask, I'd of asked them, too, to but  there wasn't, and so I didn't. I just backed her and hoped for the best.


Absent Amy gets (almost) hopelessly outpaced then stays on strongly to finish

third. Another two furlongs and she'd have won.

"Southwell is much maligned, but I like coming here. It's friendly and compact. There's a camaraderie born of shared suffering, trying to win something  with horses that are ... not very good.. The sun  (it's still out) helps .

"Also La Estrella (almost) always wins when she runs here. She's a ten-year- old now, almost 11, and hasn't run for 6 months and, when I ask trainer Don Canttillon  whether I should back him, I'm not sure what the answer is.


"I have £60  at 8-11 so I can't say that I backed Southwell's signature horse when he won here for the 14th time , if he does. Tabaayun, the only danger runs badly and Graham Lee cruises home on La Estrella, winning by 23 lengths. They do sometimes on Fibresand.

"Jilly! Jilly Cooper! Cooeee! Where are you? I can't find her and it turns out she's not here, possibly because she's busy writing her next book called Leading Sire. Sadly Jillywinks is unlikely to be a sire, not least because she's a filly.

The trouble is,  I used to have betting nerves of steel  and  now a days I have nerves of silk. Still. I haven't actually fancied anything strongly yet. There's still plenty of time, and only"£962 to go. Ludlow tomorrow. Easy.


The Racing Post is standing any losses and any profits will be shared between Racing Welfare and Prostate Cancer UK."

(after commission where applicable)
Catterick 12.10
£44 win and £66 place Queen Of Epirus 15-2
                                                               lost £110
Southwell 12.30
£40 win Beachwood Bay 5-2            lost £ 40
£111 place Beachwood Bay 1.1-1       won £117

Southwell 1.00
£20 ew Absent Amy 8-1                    won £12
£20 ew Emperatriz 6-1                      lost £40

Southwell 1.30
£33 win at 6.7-1 and £44 place at 1.1.37-1
Definite Secret                                      won £25

Southwell 2.00
£60 win La Estrella at 8-11                 won £44

Fakenham 2.20
£22 win and £33 place Riddlestown   lost £55

Southwell 2.30
Lay Hannahs Turn £33 at 2-1              won £33
£22 win at 5.2-1 and £44 place at 1.06-1
Rambo Will                                           lost £66

Southwell 3.00
Lay Jillywinks £44 at 2.15-1                 won £ 42
£22 win at 4.06-1 and £44 place at 0.76-1
Pearl Noir                                               won £118

Daily total    Won  £80
Grand total  Won £37.58




Ashforth steps up the  pace in Grab a Grand page 8


A valuable clue to horseracing is concentration.
Pic: "Win some, loose some: David Ashforth punches the air at Ludlow,  where he increased his profit despite a costly laps in concentration.

YES.  The key problem can be concentration, for all involved to include the horses.
"HOW many times is the track at Ludlow crossed by roads? I don't know the answer but I thought you might. It's a lot, and it means you need a horse who goes well on coconut matting.
"They must (Ludlow Racecourse Management) have to import the coconut, but the lovely Shropshire countryside is already here. Obviously that's irrelevant if you can't back a winner. Then you might as well be staring at a derelict toilet block in Blackpool with a string of donkeys in the background.
 "After the first race a man came up to me and asked. "Did you have that?" "No" I said, I had the favourite as a banker in the Placepot. "  
"Big John Cannon had just won the four- runner claiming hurdle at 25-1. Poetic Verse had finished last of the three finishers at 8-15. That's £64 down and I haven't done anything yet, well, apart from the Placepot.

"I fancied Bobcatbilly in the Novice Chase and has £40 on him, but Cloudy Joker was too long at 10-1, so I asked jockey Henry Brooke what he thought. Brooke didn't say, "10-1! He's even money on my book, " he just said, "He won well at Musselburgh and jumps well, and the horses are in good form. This is a lot better race. We'll have to see if he's good enough. " There is a whole ocean of difference between the runners  leaving the paddock and making their way out on to the racetrack to compete in a Novice Chase.  It wasn't a ringing non -endorsement either, so I had £20 with a bookmaker and £22 win and £33 place on Betfair.

"Cloudy Joker, possibly inspired by fellow grey Desert Orchid , jumped well and hung on, fairly desperately,  to stave off the arguably unlucky Benbena. Then a strange thing happened, evidence of the damaging effects of the ageing  process.

"When I looked at my ticket, instead of reading number 5 Cloudy Joker £20 win, return £220, it read number 3 Copper Birch £20 win return £220, it read number 3 Copper Birch £20 win return £220. I must have said 3 instead of 5. They do tell you to check your ticket. I thought it was something that only happened to idiots, Perhaps it is. No wonder people get to 70 and they're ready to move on, either upwards or downwards. Please shoot me.

"I've just done myself out of £220. Still, to look on the bright side at least I'd  pressed the right buttons on Betfair, and I like to check my ticket for Pearls Legend in the handicap chase. 

Jamie Moore confirms Pearl Legend's recent run at Warwick was promising.  "He ran a very good race and jumped well, " says Moore. "He's bred to stay further but he travels strongly and is a proper two-miler. "



"No doubt it's true, and he doesn't run badly. It's just that I wish I'd asked  for £40 on number 2, instead Last Shot, instead of number 5. Maybe bookmakers could offer a 'lucky-dip' service, where you're given a ticket and don't look to see what horse you've backed until after the race is over. Better still, you could look to see what number horse you've got just as they approach the last obstacle. I quiet like that idea.


"Oh good, one of those nice lady amateur riders' races coming up. Richard Lee was one of the first trainers I interviewed, more than 20 years ago, and we reminisce about horses like Delius and Swardean, and jockey Bruce Dowling. Lee expects Scales to run well for Lorna Brooke, which  is what I was hoping to hear.


"After all, the main point of asking trainers and jockey's for their opinions is to reinforce your own. Scales does run well but is beaten a neck by Rolling Dough. Oh, Miss Hannah Watson, did you have to do that?


"If you walk past one of those Injured Jockey Fund stalls enough times you eventually feel guilty if you don't buy something.  It's the political and horseracing governments that should be feeling guilty, not the people who government are ripping off, every single day.


"That'll be  £7 please. " So now I've got something called a padblock. Next time I see a jockey on crutches, I'll be able to feel I helped putting him on them.


"Time passes (sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it isn't) and, when  I add and  subtract the successes and failures, I'm £139.19 up on the day so far. Good, because I know what I am going to do next. I'm going to back Henry Daly's Kayfleur, a very worthy - looking favourite for the novice hurdle.


"What particularly impressive is that Daly's arranhed for Kayfleur to have a big white blaze on her head, to make it easier to pick her out. Having run out of cash. I have £111 on Betfair.


"Would that it was always so straightforward.  Kayfleur travels well, jumps well, negotiates minor traffic problems and wins well. Well done Jake Greenall, well done Henry Daly, well done me.


"Towcester  tomorrow.  Good. I do quite well there. I feel a grand looming - maybe.

a gambling game



(Click this for explanation about Placepot bet and payout rules*)

(after commission where applicable)

Ludlow Placepot £64                                    lost £64

Ludlow 12.50

£40 win Bobcatbilly at 11-4                                  lost £40

£20 win  Copper Birch (by mistake)                   lost £20

£22 win at 14.5-1 and  £33 place 2.4-1
Cloudy Joker                                                           won £381.87

Ludlow 1.20
£40 win Pearls Legend at 5-2                                 lost £49
Ludlow 1.50
£22 win at at 6.59-1  and                                        
Scales                                                                            won £25.32
£22 win at  at 11.5-1 and £22 place at 2.3-1
Miss Tilly Oscar                                                           lost  £44

Ludlow 2.25
£30 win Big News                                                        lost £30
£30 win Hatters River                                                 lost £30

Ludlow 3.00
£111 win Kayfleur at 1.4-1                                            won £149.13  

Daily total                                                                 Won  £288.32
Grand total                                                  Won  £325.90

On Your Marks ..... Get Set .... for CH4 Saturday's racing live from Ascot and Haydock
Park inclusive of CH4 Morning Line Preview of the races as marked CH4 herewith racecards 8.00am to 9.00am every Saturday.

Horse Racing Cards - Saturday December 21  2013


Always leave time for yourself to preview these live CH4  races.

You will notice that each race has different conditions of entry.

You will notice there are Novice Hurdle Races.  Over different distances.
For learner horses just starting out on their hurdle race careers
Over the smaller hurdles  (height about 3ft) Marked in furlongs. Eight furlongs to one mile.

You will notice there are Novice Chase Races. Over different distances
For  learner horses just starting out on their steeplechase racing careers
Over the big chase fences.  (height from 5ft to 6f plus)  You need to walk the course to get the true perspective of  steeplechase fences go out on the track and stand by a fence during a race to gradually form your own perspective.

You will notice there are handicap hurdle races, and handicap chase races, where each horse to compete is allotted a weight by the handicapper equivalent  to how good the handicapper assesses each horse to be.

Very often good hurdlers progress to tackle the big chase fences later on in their careers.



"The first thing to take on board here, is the fact that this is for novice horses, not novice riders. Racehorses just starting out in their chasing career. Not a good idea, to chance your money  in a novice chase unless you have true evidence to hand about the horse in question.  Because once the race is in progress, it is an entirely different kettle of fish for each and every competitor (horse and rider).


"Chances of  a horse and rider coming home safe and sound from the hazard's that can present themselves during a race such as this, made even more dangerous of course by the 6 decades of  negligent  British bloodhorse illiterate damage through ignorance found within British political  and horseracing government whose focus for the future needs to remove all the Bloodhorse Illiterate from the following departments:

British Rules of Horseracing found to be dangerously out of order.

Britain have no true Interference Rules of Horseracing

Britain have no true Whip Rules of Horseracing


BHA Veterinary Tim Morris is not and never has been a top professional horseman. He had no business whatsoever to work for BHA 's Whip Review. (now sacked by BHA)

RSPCA (Muir) personnel are not top professional horsemen either,  never have been, and never will be. That the BHA are using the RSPCA  as a pass to get them by on BHA's Bloodhorse Illiteracy  Ignorance  and Negligence issues.  Dishonest, cruel and unacceptable. An evil that cannot be allowed to continue on any longer..  


(after commission where applicable)
Towcester 12.40
£44 win at 5.4-1 and £88 place at 1.04-1   In The Rough          won £44.12

Southwell  1.00
£64.45 win at 5.24-1 and £103 65 place at
0.78-1 Curious Mind                                                                        won £401.59

Towcester 1.40
£30 ew Castle Cheetah at 8-1                                                          lost £60

Towcester 2.40
£22 win at 11-1 and £44 place at 1.6-1
Changing Lanes                                                                                lost £66
£ 20 ew Changing Lanes at 16-1                                                    lost £40

Exeter 3-20
£11 win at 129.5-1 and £11 place at 14.5-1
Silvergrove  2                                                                                                         lost £22

Exeter 3-50
£15 win at 13.5-1 and £22 place at 3.05-1
Native Brian                                                                                         lost £37

Daily total      won  £22o.71
Grand total    won  £546.61



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