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The Man Who Listens To Horses




4.00. Investec Derby (Group 1) (3yo colts) (Group 1) 1m4f .Winner £782,314.45
WIN: RULER OF THE WORLD 3 9-0 partner RYAN MOORE minder presenter JAMES DOYLE trainer AIDAN O'BRIEN for Sue Magnier, Michael Tabor, Derrick Smith. breeder Southern Bloodstock. 7-1. 12 Ran.
JMC: RULER OF THE WORLD steadied in behind, off a slow early pace, racing down hill into straight 7th, edged left 2f out, making ground all the way, lead over final furlong stayed on well driven clear to win by one and a half lengths.

111 RULER OF THE WORLD and RYAN MOORE chc Galileo - Love Me True.  Won the 234th running of the British Epsom Derby on Saturday by one and a half lengths from LIBERTARIAN (sh) 14-1 and GALILEO ROCK (hd) (25-1)

This was only RULER OF THE WORLD'S third race. He did not run as a two- year -old.
 It is as well to note that TEAM O'BRIEN challenged for this race with a total of five colts all owned by Coolmore (Magnier, Tabor, Smith) as follows:

1st: RULER OF THE WORLD partner RYAN MOORE (distance one and a half lengths) (7-1) Win money £782,314.45

4th: BATTLE OF MARENGO partner JOSEPH O'BRIEN (short head. shd) (11-2). place money £73,941.20
6th  MARS partner RICHARD HUGHES  (one and a half lengths) (12-1)  (R Hughes -S Heffernan Festive Cheer) barging match well over a furlong out) MARS place money £18,623.25  Barging matches are not acceptable, owners horses can get badly injured. 

8th FLYING THE FLAG partner C O'DONOGHUE (two and a quarter lengths) (66-1) (Team O'Brien's Lead Horse)

10th FESTIVE CHEER partner SEAMIE HEFFERNAN (four and a half lengths) (25-1) (Team O'Brien's Lead Horse)

Distances noted a photo for second  2nd Libertarian (beaten one and a half lengths by winner)  3rd Galileo Rock (shd) and 4th Battle Of Marengo (shd)
Aidan O'Brien said of his winner  Ruler Of The World  " he was very babyish in his maiden at the Curragh. Going to Chester, Joseph ( O'Brien) thought it was a good idea to put cheek pieces on him to help his concentration, he won very nicely and we didn't think there was any need to change what worked at Chester. Before he came to Ballydoyle he was one of the most highly rated horses and that was why (Sue Magnier) would have given him that name. He was always a stunner, he has an unbelievable pedigree and had his name from a very early age. That speaks for itself."

JMC The trauma suffered by DAWN APPROACH spoiled this race. It was a ghastly horrific and a sad scene to witness, happening to a colt who won his five starts as a two-year-old so beautifully. Following up as a three-year-old, this year, he won the 2,000 Guineas so beautifully.  A young animal experiencing fear on this level however caused can be scarred for life, the same as a child. Ryan Moore said  "We did go very slow all the way up the hill and the field was very tight and congested. I was meant to be a little bit closer than where I was, but I had to come back and get some cover. I was able to creep into the race smoothly and my horse quickened very well and took me to the front easily.

"I knew he could only come on from Chester. He has done well today because it was a slow pace and he quickened well off it. I was in front from a long way out and he had to tough it out. He was always doing enough.


"DAWN APPROACH  is an exceptional horse at 5 furlongs and a mile, and was stepping up to a mile and a half. He was going to have to settle, so it made sense not to go tearing off early in spite of you thinking it was a test of stamina.

"If you go off fast and have nothing left at the end of the race, a horse like that will go past you, I didn't discuss it but it makes sense."
O'Brien denied he had set out a strategy to upset Dawn Approach saying:  "We looked at the race and a lot of horses could do a lot of different things. If we'd wanted to ride a race to beat Dawn Approach we would have put on an absolutely mad pace. We didn't because we let all our horses stand by themselves and let what was going to unfold unfold.
It could be said that all 12 colts who ran in the Derby were all like inexperienced babies.  Ryan explains  "Everything is all about coming here, so when you get a horse here it's very bad to take his chance away from winning the race for using him for any other purpose."

Today BBC1 The Andrew Marr Show Sunday 2nd June

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, singer, Salma Hayek, actress; Frida Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci

Yesterday, Beyonce headlined a charity gig in conjunction with Gucci, at London’s Twickenham stadium titled Chime for Change to help promote education, wealth and justice for girls and women everywhere.

Beyonce, who is the Chime for Change co-founder and concert artistic director said in a statement:

"I am excited for us to come together on June 1 to bring the issues of education, health and justice for girls and women to the world stage."



JMC: Did you heed David's Derby thoughts in yesterday's Racing Post and back Team O'Brien's Ruler Of The World to win the 2013 Derby at 7-1.? Yes, yes, yes.  Did you lay,lay lay Dawn Approach? Yes yes yes? Did you? Or was it all a dream, not a reality?

David Ashforth at the Derby Awards 6.12.10
David Ashforth:
Twice voted journalist of the year
PICTURE: Dan Abraham

01. 06. 2013

It's Dawn - time to lay, lay, lay and lay again .... 
Pic Sigmund Freud: could have been useful to interpret dream but no longer around.

"It was just the same with Martin Luther King; he had a dream, too. His was in 1963, Relko's year, while mine was last Sunday night.
"At about two in the morning, I was standing on Epsom Downs, near Tattenham Corner. It wasn't two in the morning there, it was the afternoon of the Derby. The Derby field had already passed by and were well on their way towards the winning post.
"There was a lot of noise and somehow I knew that Dawn Approach had won.
"A man, agitated and excited, almost in a daze, passed by, then turned and stretched out his hand. It was Jim Bolger, although for some reason he looked like Arthur Moore. That's dreams for you.
"He didn't really stay," Bolger, or possibly Moore, whispered, conspiratorially. It'll be the Champion Stakes next."
"He stayed well enough to win," I replied.
"Then Bolger strode off, towards the stands. Clare Balding must have wondered where he was.
"It was a strange place for Bolger to have watched the race from but a lot of poetic license is allowed in dreams. Unfortunately, the license may extend to have dreamt  the wrong winner.
"It's a pity the dream wasn't later in the week, after Magician joined in, then vanished. I've been so sleepy every night since in the hope that an updated dream would appear, but it hasn't, and Sigmund Freud isn't available anymore for his interpretation.
"There's no way of knowing what Freud's position would have been on Chopin or Libertarian or the rest of the Derby field. Sir Clement Freud, his grandson, would have had an opinion but, sadly, that's not available either.
"Luckily, as anyone who bothered to read a previous column (Racing Post May 18) will know, it will take more than a wayward dream to enable Dawn Approach to win the Derby. It's not his fault ; he's just got the wrong genes. I think you'll find that, with horses as with people, if you've got the wrong genes then you're what professionals call "completely stuffed".
"There's nothing you can do about it, except try to believe in reincarnation and hope for better luck next time.
"Dawn Approach has got the right genes for winning the 2,000 Guineas- splendid genes for that - but hopelessly flawed for the Derby. He is what experts in the field may, for all I know, refer to as "genetically stamina- deficient".
"If the expression doesn't exist already, I'd like to invent it please.
"It means that, although it's rather unseemly, the thing to do with Dawn Approach is to lay him, then lay him again. When you've got nothing left to lay him with, ask to see your bank manager, explain the situation, and lay Dawn Approach with your new overdraft. Obviously, that's only if you want to make a profit. If you don't, then it's probably best to back Dawn Approach on the basis that it's better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all. .
"Dismissing Dawn Approach is the easy bit. Picking the winner is more difficult and Joseph O'Brien hasn't helped by insisting on sticking with Battle of Marengo when I prefer Ruler Of The World.
"Napoleon won the Battle of Marengo and it's tempting to suggest O'Brien is suffering from a Napoleon complex. Unfortunately, sufferers tend to be 5ft 6ins short rather than O'Brien's 6ft 6in tall. Also, a jockey with a Napoleon complex might quite like the idea of riding Ruler Of The World.
"So that's no good. I'll just have to hope that the combined brains of the O'Brien family and Coolmore collection aren't up to the task, or that it's a clever plot to get a better price about Ruler Of The World, in which case, so far so good. I can't pretend I'm confident, although Ryan Moore's appointment as jockey in charge was a boost and, like many holders of the Victoria Cross (posthumous) , I'm sticking to my guns.

"As you'll know, a selection having been made, the task now is to think of reasons for crossing out all the others, It would be quite nice for a German-trained horse to win, by way of a change, but if Chopin does, the headlines will be horrible. Chopin does, Chopin Waltzes to Victory, Chopin's Allegro at E, but worse.


"Worse still if Mars wins, especially for bookmakers in Slough, where it's been made since 1932. The planet, obviously, was made much earlier.


Ocovango seems to have been named after an African river that ends up in a swamp in the Kalahari desert. Still, Andre Fabre is a genius and if anyone can get something from Botswana to triumph at Epsom, it's him.
"So, lay Dawn Approach, back Ruler Of The World each-way, and don't blame me." Ends

JMC Dawn Approach on jumping from the starting gate was extremely unsettled, the further he went the more frightened and frantic he became. Kevin Manning had a dreadful experience, a tough and extremely tricky time in the saddle throughout. So what caused all that?  One is left to wonder. So unlike his normal behaviour? A  highly dangerous predicament, that shows the public just how dangerous this sport can be. Showing the world and his wife just how strong a horse can be when frightened into a panic as bad as that, he was firing his head in the air, cocking his jaw in complete terror, the further he went the worse he got. What ever caused all that?

The immediate response of the Stewards should have been to request an immediate Equus Zone dope test.  To check out the reasons behind this normally calm colts horrific traumatic fear?  What ever caused this? Why was there not an immediate Stewards Inquiry? Where were the officials?  Having a day off at the Derby for themselves? Where were Steward Lord Rathcreedan?  Mrs J Cavendish? Ms J Budd? Mrs V Baker?  Mr D Adam? Mr A Barker? Mr D Jones? Mr P D Barton? Mr A McGlone? Mr R Earnshaw? Which one of these ten stewards is the top lead steward?
Where was the Stewards Inquiry? Defies all belief that there was no stewards inquiry. 
1. How could Dawn Approach when jumping from the starting gate in yesterday's Derby possibly have know that he was being asked to race over a mile and a half this time. He did not know. That clears that one up.
11. If a rider is put in a predicament as this, the very last thing that rider needs to do is to start fighting against that colt, but instead sit quietly for as long as is possible, until the fear in that colt subsides. We have seen Tom Queally do this with Frankel. If Kevin Manning had allowed himself to be carried along by Dawn Approach, taking up the running,  and going a long way clear, would any of the others have managed to catch him? It was the fighting between horse and rider that broke Dawn Approach chances of winning this race. However it depends also on what orders Kevin got before the race. If Kevin was being prevented by others from  actually reading this colt as this race panned out to be. Then Kevin will have had no chance.Kevin's life was at stake, as was Dawn Approach life at stake. Due to Kevin's expertize in the saddle they managed to stay together.

Lee Mottershead for the Racing Post reports today (Sunday June 1st) "Approach won't be tried at trip again.
"DAWN APPROACH proved unable to beat even 200-1 outsider Ocean Applause as the Investec Derby's heavily backed but 'out of control' favourite pulled himself into first before weakening into last. "Godolphin's previously unbeaten 2,000 Guineas winner, supplemented for the premier Classic for £8,000 in April at the request of majority owner Sheikh Mohammed.


Edward Stanley, 19th Earl of Derby (present)

Edward Richard William Stanley, 19th Earl of Derby DL (born 10 October 1962) is a British peer. He is known for ownership of the racehorse Ouija Board and for his failed attempts to build a 1,200 houses and large industrial estate on 160 acres (0.65 km2) of greenfield land he inherited in Newmarket, Suffolk. The plans were widely criticised in the local[1] and national[2] British media.
Earl Derby
Earl of Derby ( i/ˈdɑːbi/ DAR-bi) is a title in the Peerage of England. The title was first adopted by Robert de Ferrers, 1st Earl of Derby under a creation of 1139. It continued with the Ferrers family until the 6th Earl forfeited his property toward the end of the reign of Henry III and died in 1279. Most of the Ferrers property and, by a creation in 1337, the Derby title, were then held by the family of Henry III. The title merged in the Crown upon Henry IV's accession to the throne. It was created again for the Stanley family in 1485.


Epsom Derby: Winners 1780 - 2013

In 1779, the sport of horseracing was governed by a man named Sir Charles Bunbury. At that time no races were run over a distance of less than two miles. Also, racing was for horses aged four or older so the decision to permit three-year-old racing, and at distances shorter than two miles, paved the way for a new era in the sport

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