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TOMINATOR 6 9-10 partner GRAHAM LEE  TEAM O'NEILL for PA Byrne 9-2

A beautiful horse,  pale silver grey colour. Carrying top weight, you can tell that he comes from a top team at home, beautifully turned out. Full of confidence, at ease, in his manner. Spot on accurately in tune with Graham Lee in the saddle. A joy to watch. Yes, Yes, Yes David the top's.

David Ashforth at the Derby Awards 6.12.10

David Ashforth:
Twice voted journalist of the year
PICTURE: Dan Abraham

Forget the tumblers, it’s a Plate Jonjo craves – I would imagine
Pic: Jonjo O’Neill: runs Tominator in this afternoon’s Northumberland Plate
“WHAT do you think Richard Hughes does with them? There must be hundreds of them, thousands.
Maybe he’s built an extension to his house with them, lined with shelves. Maybe he gives them away for Christmas. Maybe the champion jockey travels into London now and then and stands in Trafalgar Square, handing them out to tourists. Maybe he sits in the weighing room giving them to jockey’s who haven’t got any of their own.
“I Ask because, at Chepstow on Monday, after Hughes had won the bet365Handicap on Burnham (who looks capable of doing even better, if he feels like it) , the champion jockey was presented with a pair of glass tumblers. Two hours later, after winning the Handicap on Secret Rebel (who looks likely to be seriously rebuked by the handicapper), Hughes was presented with another pair of tumblers, remarkably similar to the first pair.
“Hughes could probably have won more races but was worried that he might not be able to carry any more tumblers, so he went on to Windsor, where he won the Windsor & Eton Brewery Fillies’ Handicap on Easter Diva, after which he was probably handed a pint glass, possibly two.
“Perhaps winning jockeys, and trainers and owners, should be offered a choice of prizes. At Chepstow, when trainer Henry Candy walked up to receive a decanter for winning the Median Auction Maiden Stakes with the enormous Java Rose (who could win again before going chasing), it struck me that Candy might already be fully equipped with decanters, collected from racecourses around Britain, and might have welcomed the option of something else … a toupee, for instance.
“The thing to do is to provide a choice. Either a trophy or an assortment of Shredded Wheat, baked beans and marmalade; alternatively, a spade, fork and wheelbarrow. A voucher for Waitross, Waterstones or Wyevale garden centres would be handy, as would a sack of Pollytrack to freshen up the gallops. If that is not possible, winners could be asked if they are non-drinkers, moderate drinkers or alcoholics, and the size of their prizes adjusted accordingly. Non-drinkers could be given a bottle of wine (empty), moderate drinkers a similar bottle (full) and everyone else a case of 12. Just a thought.

David Ashforth fires a warning in his Racing Post Musings page 11, similar to C4 Jim McGrath earlier:  On the John Smith's Northumberland Plate, "
C4 Horseracing Team Live (29.06.13): Jim McGrath last Saturday:

Jimbo  mentioned the need to learn, to know, to realise if interested in having a bet to decide when looking through a day's racecard  whether "To Play?"  Or  "Not To Play?" "To Play To Have a Bet"  or "To Leave Well Alone"

Although splendid in its way and rich in history, is jolly difficult to decipher there are so many horses taking their chances this afternoon, all carrying different weights, on changeable ground, which is always a warning sign, a bit like a lighthouse."

"THOSE of the elderly disposition will remember the 1977 version, in which Sea Pigeon finished second to Tug Of War, who won the race again the following year.

"Two years after Sea Pigeon's defeat, the popular hero won a memorable Ebor at York when carrying 10st including however much Jonjo O'Neill weighed at the time. So, via Sea Pigeon O'Neill has a connection with the Northumberland Plate  and - lo and behold - he has a runner in this year's race. Tominator.

"I haven't asked O'Neill if this has any relevance, for fear that he won't say, "Yes, it's true. I loved Sea Pigeon and, ever since he was beaten in the Pitman's Derby, it's been an ambition of mine to win the race, my biggest ambition, really. Somehow, it's niggling me all these years and I feel that winning it would put things right. I enjoyed winning the Ascot Stakes with Well Sharp, of course, but this is something else. I want to do it for Sea Pigeon."

 "Obviously, O'Neill might not have said anything of the sort, which is why it's easier just to make it up and hope he doesn't sue.

 "Responsibility for Tominator to bear, as is the burden of 9st 10lb- considerably more than the 8st 5lb he carried when winning the race in 2011 when trained by Reg Hollinshead. Tominator was rated 90 then, now he's rated 102. It doesn't look too promising but say not the struggle nought availeth.

"On his seasonal reappearance Tominator was a creditable third in the Chester Cup off a rating of 100, is well drawn and has Graham Lee to help. It could happen. So, of course, could various other things, which is why big handicaps like the Northumberland Plate are much admired by bookmakers.
"It's a big day for Lee, and for Jim Goldie, who fires off his star sprinters Jack Dexter and Hawkeyethenoo in a pair of Group 3 races at Newcastle and Newmarket. If Jack Dexter can reproduce his terrific run when fourth, beaten less than two lengths, in the King Stand Stakes at Royal Ascot, he will win. That race, however, was only 11 days ago.
YES, Yes, Yes
Newcastle 2-05. 6f
WIN: JACK DEXTER 4 9-3 partner GRAHAM LEE 4-5f
"I wonder if Goldie will be presented with  a decanter, and Lee a pair of tumblers."


J  Margaret Clarke Turfcall
DAVID AHFORTH (Twice voted journalist of the year) AND
 (Flat Turf Rider) (Stable Jockey to Richard Hannon)
 BRING TO LIGHT several key issues relating to  'Host Racecourses".  Big differences between the facilities racecourses provide for their paying guests. Don't go racing to tracks who don't bother to have a big screen to watch the races on.

Sounds like racecourses as a whole couldn't care less about the prizes they give winning riders. Sounds like racecourses buy in cheap boring job lots of tumblers. How mean is that? What about the winning handler minders travelling and presenting horses to the public on racecourses? All taken for granted. The Equus area Zone remains to be a Racecourse Derelect Zone. A Dead, Racecourse, Equus Zone. The Jockey Club Racecourses are incredibly mean always have been. The huge money they get in at the big meetings that they refuse to share with the Equus Zone must be one of the greatest miscarriage of financial justice upsides the World Bank Scandal's there has ever been.
Suggestion: It would be good if racecourses could get small silver medals engraved with the race name on, and if possible the owners colours and name, the name  of the winning horse, the name of the handler minder, the rider and trainer and the date. As well as Waitross vouchers a much better idea if given in addition to a small engraved colourful keepsake. Like a little badge of honour. Which is exactly what winning a race deserves. That little special something.
The true perspective of Pioneering British Horseracing is being overlooked by the greed of harsh punishing governments, the bookmakers, and the racecourses themselves.

One could ask oneself  "How do we go about 'Building World Peace?'

Cannot be collated, set in order, or upheld by the bloodhorse illiterate.


British horseracing now in 2013 is like there is a whole untapped goldmine out there. And that goldmine is the untapped "EQUUS ZONE". Everything about the sport of horseracing revolves, or should revolve around each countries "EQUUS ZONE". So how is it that the British Horseracing Authority Government along with the British Political Government do not have, or allow an "EQUUS ZONE?"


The British Equus Zone at present is being governed by the bloodhorse illiterate, to only suit the bloodhorse illiterate. It is being used to punish and condemn all those who have achieved bloodhorse literacy in their own right, to include the punishment of the horses. Bloodhorse illiteracy is cruelty and punishment to horses and the people who care for them every day, every which way.



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